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  • Master of Business Administration
    LEAD Format

    The LEAD Format is an accelerated program designed to meet the learning needs of the working adult. Classes are held once weekly for four hours at one of two campus locations (Main Campus-Columbus and Tuttle-Dublin). Students take one course at a time and the courses progress consecutively on a non-traditional calendar and meet 46-48 weeks per year. Depending on prerequisite knowledge, students may complete the program as quickly as 22 months. Typically, a student moves through the program as a part of a 'cohort' or class group. Significant out-of-class work is required of students working individually and, at times, as a part of a team.

    The LEAD Format is designed to provide the knowledge and competencies necessary for graduates to excel in a workplace marked by globalization, hyper-competition, increasing technological capability, and rapid change. Graduates will possess solid foundational skills, functional business knowledge, and the capacity to apply all that they have learned to real-world challenges, problems, and projects.

    The Ohio Dominican University LEAD MBA will prepare committed students for leadership roles in a broad range of organizations and assignments. Additionally, it has the depth and strength to act as a springboard for those interested in pursuing doctorate studies at some point in the future.

    Admission Requirements

    Admission requirements for the LEAD MBA Program:

    • Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution 
    • Completed application with essay and resume 
    • A 2.75 GPA in last 60 hours of bachelor's degree 
    • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended
    • Three years of significant work experience 
    • Interview with LEAD staff -(possible)
    • TOEFL score of 550 or equivalent electronic score, if applicable 
    • Two letters of recommendation

    Transfer Credit

    The Registrar and graduate program director are responsible for the evaluation of transfer credit and processing the necessary approval forms prior to granting graduate transient credit. Once credit has been accepted or transient credit approved, the Registrar applies it to the graduate program. The maximum number of transfer or transient credits a graduate student may receive is nine semester hours. Only courses with grades of B or better from regionally accredited institutions will be considered.

    Graduation Requirements

    • Students must complete all courses in the prescribed sequence of semester hours (40 semester hours for the MBA with a Concentration in Management).
    • Have a 3.000 or better grade point average and conform with other criteria as defined by the program.
    • Students must complete the program within seven years.

    Course Progression for MBA Program

    Foundation Courses 

    Foundation knowledge in four content areas: accounting, finance, statistics, and economics is required. Foundational knowledge requirements are satisfied within the respective Functional Business Courses that have been expanded to four (4) semester credits in order to accommodate required prerequisite knowledge.

    Functional Business Courses  

    The Functional Business Courses provide students a solid base of functional business knowledge and skills.

    BUS 510 -- Graduate Learning Strategies (3 credit hours)
    BUS 563 -- Business Law (3 credit hours)
    BUS 564 -- Business Ethics (3 credit hours)
    BUS 570 -- Quantitative Business Analysis (4 credit hours)
    BUS 620 -- Strategic Marketing Management (3 credit hours)
    BUS 630 -- Accounting (4 credit hours)
    BUS 640 -- Managerial Economics (4 credit hours)
    BUS 650 -- Managerial Finance (4 credit hours)

    Integrated Courses 

    The Integrated Courses are designed to help students translate functional business knowledge into strategic and ethical leadership capability in real-world organizations.

    BUS 545 -- Strategic Management of Technology and Information (3 credit hours)
    BUS 660 -- Global Business Issues (3 credit hours)
    BUS 690 -- Business Policy and Strategy (3 credit hours)
    BUS 725 -- Leadership and Change Management (3 credit hours)