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    ODU 101 Career Decision Making

    3 credits
    An introduction to career decision making processes and the underlying theories used to assist students in choosing a major, investigating careers and planning to enter their field of choice. The course utilizes career assessments and inventories, occupational information resources, personal reflection and field research, in an effort to improve self understanding and obtain information about careers of interest. The course also includes an introduction to professional development fundamentals to provide students with the knowledge needed to enter a career field. The material covered is applicable to all stages of college and prepares students for future career transitions as working professionals.

    ODU 110 Learning and Success Strategies

    3 credits
    This course is designed to help students achieve success. Through self-reflection, intensive writing, and application, students will learn strategies to improve their efficacy, both in and outside the classroom. Topics include becoming an active reader, mastering time management, improving note taking skills, accepting personal responsibility, adopting lifelong learning, gaining self-awareness, and developing emotional intelligence.