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  • Integrated Social Studies Education: Grades 7-12

    Degree offered: Bachelor of Arts 

    Licensure offered: Integrated Social Studies Education 7-12 

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    The Integrated Social Studies licensure prepares teachers of American history, world history, political science, geography, and other social studies for grades 7-12.



    Requirements for a B.A. or Licensure in Integrated Social Studies Education

    See course descriptions for prerequisites and co-requisites
    Degree-seeking students must complete the core requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in addition to the major requirements listed below.
    Licensure-only students, those who completed a bachelor's degree prior to beginning this program, need only the requirements listed below.
    HST 201 American History I 3*
    HST 202 American History II 3*
    HST 479 CORE: History Matters/Senior Seminar 3*
    POL 101 Great Issues in Politics 3*
    POL 290 Politics and Government: Process & Issues 3*
    POL 348C Interpreting Civilizations 3*
    POL 365 United States Presidency 3*
    POL 498 Seminar: Political Theory and Ideology 3*
    Economic Environment --  
    POL 279A CORE: Environmental Values and Policymaking 3*
    Geographical Environment --  
    GEO 125 World Geography 3*
    Technological Environment - Select one course: 3*
    POL 279C CORE: American Political Thought, Nature & the Common Good  
    HST 348F History and Technology  
    Basic History - Select two courses      6*
    HST 106 World History I  
    HST 107 World History II  
    HST 110 Western Civilization I  
    HST 111 Western Civilization II  
    American Culture - Select one course: 3*
    HST 320 20th Century America  
    HST 342 History of Christianity in the US  
    POL 348E A History of US Foreign Relations  
    Global and International Issues - Select one course: 3*
    HST 107 World History II  
    HST 330 World Powers of 20th Century   
    HST 370 Africa & America: Uneasy Partnership  
    POL 360 Seminar: International Politics  
    POL 379A CORE: War & Peace: International Law & Organization  
    Law and Institutions - Select One 3*
    POL 230 Law, Society and Polity  
    POL 379C CORE: Causes of Collective Violence   
    Individual Development/Identity - Select one: 3*
    SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology  
    SOC 110 Anthropology: What Makes Us Human  
    PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology   
    PSY 212 Social Psychology  
    PSY 220 Human Development: Child and Adolescent  
    Required Professional Education Courses:  
    EDU 112 Introduction to Education: Adol to Young Adult 3
    EDU 220 Educational Psychology 3
    EDU 314 Content Area Reading 3
    EDU 346 AYA and Multi-Age Methods
    EDU 379A CORE: Principles of Education 3
    EDU 354 AYA Social Studies Teaching Methods
    EDU 487 Supervised Teaching: AYA and Multi-Age 12 
    EDU 488 Teaching Seminar: AYA and Multi-Age 1
    Total Credits Required 82
    *used to calculate the Major GPA