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    Education Majors Only 

    Basic Information

    Last Name  
    First Name  
    Street Address  
    Zip Code  
    Phone Number  
    High School  
    High School GPA  
    Composite ACT or SAT score  
    Anticipated Education Major  

    Extracurricular Involvement

    Include membership, offices and activities from both high school and community volunteer organizations.

    High School  
    Community Involvement  
    Honors and Awards  


    Discuss a person, place, or experience that has brought you to this time in your life of thinking about being an educator, and explain its influence on you.  The person, place, or experience could be one of many different things or from any time in your life - for example:  former teacher, parent, family member, friend, a camp you attended, a mission trip you took, or a significant accomplishment.

    Reminder: Type your essay in a Word document (1-2 pages, double-spaced, 12pt font) and email it directly to dominicanscholars@ohiodominican.edu