• Returning Students

    Welcome Back World Traveler!

    Please use the following information as a guide to help you transition into your life back at ODU. If you have any concerns, please email studyabroad@ohiodominican.edu.

    Study Abroad Evaluation Form

    After you have returned from your study abroad program you should complete the Student Evaluation Form. This evaluation will help our office advise students, and future students select the appropriate program of their choice. This is also an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and possibly provide us with recommendations to better serve our students. The International Office will email you the link to complete this evaluation.

    Grades and Transcripts

    Make sure you have requested an official transcript from your study abroad institution to be sent directly to the Registrar’s Office at ODU. The Registrar’s Office will then evaluate your transcript and post your transfer credit on your ODU transcript. Grades will appear on your ODU transcript and will be calculated into your cumulative grade point average. The Business Office will send you a bill for this credit when we receive your transcript.

    ODU Housing

    For information regarding housing arrangments upon your return to campus, see the Residence Life Office prior to your departure from campus.

    Re-Entry Shock

    Just as living abroad requires you to make some adjustements, so does coming home. For some students, this may be the most difficult phase of all. By this time you have new knowledge and attitudes and you may have changed intellectually and personally. You may find difficult to find people who understand your new perspective. However, try to find students who have studied abroad, or try to meet new international students.

    The following is a list that may help you re-adjust your life after study abroad:

    • Try to think how you have changed and what is now important to you.
    • Be patient with your friends and family; they are trying to understand your experience abroad.
    • If you have some negative feelings about your culture, it’s normal. You are now viewing your culture from a different perspective.

    Find some ways to keep the “international” aspect in your life:

    • Volunteer to assist the International Office in study abroad orientations for students going to the country you studied in.
    • Get to know the international students on campus.
    • Consider adding a minor in international business.
    • Read online newspapers from your host country.
    • Consider how you can use your international experience in your academics or future career.
    • Start planning how you might go abroad again, either through personal travel, work/volunteer, or internship

    If you are experiencing any emotional stress or are having a difficult time readjusting, please contact Counseling Services at (614) 251-4589.