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  • The Federal Perkins Loan

    A federal Perkins Loan is a low interest (5%) loan for undergraduate and graduate students with "exceptional" financial need.  

    Borrower Rights/Forms

    • Repayment Information
    • Deferments
    • Cancellations
    • Forbearance
    • Economic Hardship
    • Unemployment
    • Disability Cancellation

    Your Rights

    • You are entitled to know the full amount of your loan, the interest rate, the first payment due date, and the amount. Please reference your repayment schedule which was given to you when you left school. If you do not have a repayment schedule, you did not complete your exit session before or after leaving ODU. Please contact the school at (614) 251-4776 or e-mail curnutts@ohiodominican.edu. 
    • You may prepay all, or any portion of the principal plus accrued interest, at any time without a penalty. Payments are applied to outstanding collection, late, and interest charges before being applied to the principal. All other payments made in excess of the amount due will be used to reduce principal, unless you clearly designate in writing that excess amounts are payments toward future installments. The balance of the loan is not reduced by the total payment amount; it is reduced only by the amount applied to principal. These payments should be mailed to Educational Computer Systems, Inc, 181 Montour Run Road, Coraopolis, PA 15108. Please indicate on your check that payment is for your Federal Perkins Loan and have your Perkins account number (or last four digits of SSN) on the check. Amounts paid during the academic year in which the loan was made will be used to reduce the amount of the loan. These are not considered prepayments but loan reductions. 
    • You are entitled to request deferment, cancellation and forbearance of your loan as specified in your promissory note. These requests must be made in writing and must include any supporting documentation the school requires. Requests for deferment, cancellation, and forbearance must be made in a timely manner or you may lose these benefits.  

    Your Responsibilities:

    Exit Counseling:

    • Federal regulations require borrowers to complete an exit session prior to leaving ODU. You will receive an exit letter with the information you need to gain access to the exit. An exit session is completed online at ECSI.net. For questions about the exit you may contact the Perkins office at 614-251-4776 or ECSI.

    Name and Address Changes:

    • You must promptly notify ODU or ECSI of name or address changes. Filing a mail forwarding order with the Post Office does not fulfill this requirement. 
      Repayment: You are responsible for repaying your loan even if you do not complete school or are dissatisfied with the education you received, or are unable to find employment.  

    Completion of Forms:

    • You must submit properly and fully completed certified forms for requesting deferment or cancellation on a timely basis. You are responsible for notifying ODU or ECSI of anything that might alter your eligibility for an existing deferment or cancellation.  

    Prompt Response:

    • You must promptly answer any communication from ODU or ECSI regarding your loan. If you cannot pay on time, you must contact ODU's student loan office to make financial arrangements; 614-251-4776 or e-mail curnutts@ohiodominican.edu.

    Perkins Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Completing the Entrance Interview

    • Educational Computer Systems, Inc., a/k/a ECSI, has both the Promissory Note and Entrance Interview on-line. If Ohio Dominican Universtiy includes the Federal Perkins Loan on your award letter, you will need to electronically sign the Promissory Note and complete the Entrance Interview.


    • Your first payment will be due one month after your nine (9) month grace period ends. The amount borrowed must be repaid within ten (10) years after the date on which repayment begins unless that period is shortened or extended by specific provisions of the Promissory Note. The minimum monthly payment will be at least $40.00. It may be more if the amount borrowed is sufficient to require larger payments. You will be billed on the 15th of each month with your payment due on the 1st of the following month.


    • The borrower may prepay all or any part of the principal plus any accrued interest at any time without penalty. If you repay more than the amount due for an installment, the excess will be used to repay principal unless you designated an advance payment on the next regular installment.


    • Interest shall accrue from the beginning of the repayment period and shall be at the annual percentage rate of five percent (5%) on the unpaid balance. No interest shall accrue during any grace or deferment period. However, it will accrue during any forbearance period. 

    About our Service Provider:  ECSI - Educational Computer Systems, Inc.:

    • The invoice for Perkins loan will come from ECSI either by e-mail or paper bill. All Perkins Loan payments for Ohio Dominican University can be made to ECSI through their website, by mailing in the payment to ECSI or by calling ECSI. Ohio Dominican University does not accept payments through their campus office.
    • Make checks payable to:
      • Ohio Dominican University
      • Website: http://www.ECSI.net  
      • Mailing Address: ECSI, 181 Moutour Run Road, Coraopolis, PA 15108-9408
      • Phone: (888) 549-3274  


    • The borrower should refer to their Promissory Note for the specific deferments/cancellations available to them. A list of deferments/cancellations for all Perkins loans can be obtained by visiting http://www.ecsi.net. For deferment/cancellation forms please contact ECSI. If at any time you think you are eligible for a deferment, cancellation, or postponement, please contact ECSI or the Perkins loan Coordinator at Ohio Dominican University, (614) 251-4776.
    • Click Here to link to the ECSI website to view and print forms.

    Loan Consolidation:

    • Consolidation of loans allows a borrower to combine different types of federal student loans to simplify repayment. Both the Direct Loan Porgarm and the FFEL Program offer consolidation loans, but they are very different.
    • For a complete discussion, consult the STUDENT GUIDE to Financial Aide from the US Department of Education. Copies are available in the Office of Financial Aid or the Department of Education's Website.

    Credit Bureau Reporting:

    • Per Federal regulations, the Perkins loan is reported to the credit bureaus.  


    • Late fees will be assessed for late payments, and defulted loans are subject to collection action and/or litigation. All loans sent ot an outside collection agency will assess a minimum of 30% of the balance due including principal, interest and late charges.  

    Exit Interview Information:

    • The borrower must, without exception, report any of the following to Ohio Dominican University, 1216 Sunbury Road, Columbus, OH 43219 or call (614) 251-4776: 
      • Withdrawal from school 
      • Transfer to another school 
      • Drop below half-time status 
      • Name change 
      • Address change or your parents' address change 
      • Social security number changes  

    By reporting the information above, the student and the billing service (ECSI) can keep each other informed. When a student separates from Ohio Dominican Universtiy (ie withdraws, transfers, drops below half-time status, graduates) the exit process begins. Exit letters are mailed out to the current addrss on file with the university. Exit Interviews are done on-line through the ECSI website at www.ECSI.net .