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Whether you are new to campus or returning for another year, moving into the Residence Halls is always a bit hectic. Be prepared by knowing when the dorms open, what to bring, where to park to unload and more.

New Students

New Ohio Dominican University Students will move in to their Residence Halls on Friday, August 18th between 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM. No early arrivals except for pre-approved teams and groups.
  • Pre-Season Athletes, Band & Other Approved Groups
    No early arrivals prior to your team/group time.

    Your name must be on an approved roster from your team/group supervisor to arrive early. The dates and times are available through your team/group leader.

    All groups of early arrivals will pick up keys in the lobby of Fitzpatrick Hall unless otherwise noted on your paperwork from your team/group leader. 
  • Move-In Day & What to Expect
    Planning Your Trip to Campus

    Traffic around Columbus will be busy between 4:30 and about 6:30 p.m. with rush hour traffic. You will want to plan your trip accordingly depending on the distance that you will have to travel. It will be best to approach campus coming from the south on Sunbury Road so you can make a right turn into the Black Lot. 

    Move-In Times

    Move-in times are 12 noon - 5:00pm. No one will be allowed to move in earlier than the set times. We are planning a special day for your move in to the residence halls and all staff will be on board to assist you in any way! If you are a fall athlete, your coach will communicate your day and time move in. Please contact your coach to verify that you are on the early arrival list PRIOR to the day of move in. Athletes are not permitted to move in anytime other than the day/time set by the coach and Res Life.


    On your arrival to campus, please pull into the Black Lot which is located near the residence halls if space permits. If that lot is full, you will be asked to wait in one of the other lots until adequate space is available. We will have our Public Safety Officers and, if needed, a Columbus Police Officer on hand to assist with traffic flow. Once you have unloaded your car(s) you will be asked to move to the main lot behind the student center to allow for others to get in the Black Lot. The trick here is to move your items in your room and then you can stay and begin setting up while one of your family members moves your car for you.

    Key Pick Up

    Check-In for all new resident students is located in the lobby of Fitzpatrick Hall. Fitz is the tallest building on campus, you can’t miss it! Come to the lobby and there will be tables set up to get your key and room history. You are responsible for the key that you pick up. Keys will only be given to the student. 

    Room History 

    You know what a key is, but what is a room history? The room history is a form that documents the current condition of your room for move in and then is reassessed when you move out at the end of the academic year next May. Your room will have already been checked for anything that may need noted (i.e. a scratch on the chair) so that when you move out and the room is checked again, you will not be responsible for anything that  was already done prior to you moving into that room. You are encouraged to write a note on the left side of the form in case we have missed something.

    Carts or Carry

    Res Life has a limited number of carts available for you to use while moving in. Once you pick up your key and room history, you will have the opportunity to check-out a cart. You will be asked for a driver’s license or your school ID. The license will be held until you return the cart. This is to encourage you to move your items into your room and then return the cart prior to setting up your room so others can use the carts. Please do not give your cart to someone else to use. 
  • In Your Room
    Maintenance / Facilities

    Once you enter your room, complete the room history form given to you when you picked up your key. This is best to do prior to moving things in so you can get a good look at the furniture, walls, etc. that you will be using before they are full of items. If there is something that needs attended to immediately please contact one of the RAs (noticeable by their shirts) or come back to the check-in table and someone will be dispatched to your room as soon as possible. 

    Room Furniture

    It is University policy that all furniture that is assigned to a room must stay with that room. ODU does not have space available to store items that you do not want in your room. Once you pick up your key and your room history, you are responsible for all furniture in that room. If something is missing or damaged, make a note of it on the room history and notify your RA on move-in day. A replacement will be ordered for your room/suite. Please do not move furniture around in the suite until all residents have arrived.


    Didn’t get the roommate you requested? There are many reasons for this. One of the main reasons that you may not be placed with your first choice of a roommate is simply because we may have not received his/her housing contract in a reasonable amount of time after we received yours. While we strive to place everyone with their first choice of room/suite and roommates/suitemates, we occasionally cannot do that.

    Room Changes

    If you didn’t get your first choice of roommate/suitemate you will be permitted to change rooms after the “room freeze” is lifted. At the beginning of each semester Res Life has a 30 day “room freeze” when students are not allowed to change rooms. If you wish to move, you are encouraged to talk with your Area Coordinators during the freeze to make plans on where you would like to move. For example, if you know of an open space in a room and you want to move there, talk with your AC so they are aware that you want to move there after the freeze if lifted.
  • ODU ID
    As a resident student, your Ohio Dominican ID card is very important. You will use your ID card for access to all of the residence halls and for all of your meals! You will want to keep this with you at all times (along with your room key.)

    IF you attended orientation during the summer AND had your photo taken for the photo ID, Res Life will have your ID available when you pick up your key and room history.

    IF you did NOT attend orientation OR have your photo taken, you will need to do this as soon as possible.

    Once you have checked-in and picked up your key, you will want to go to the Public Safety Office located in the student center. The Public Safety Office may have extended hours on move-in day but you will want to check on this prior to arriving on campus in case you need to adjust your arrival time.
  • Volunteers & RAs
    There will be a number of volunteers and Resident Assistants to assist with moving in. This will be a great opportunity for you to meet a member of Ohio Dominican faculty, staff, and returning students.

    Everyone wants to meet you and welcome you to ODU!

Returning Students

Returning ODU students will move in on Sunday, August 20th between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM. No early arrivals prior to your team/group time.
  • Pre-Season Athletes, Band & Other Approved Groups
    No early arrivals prior to your team/group time.

    Your name must be on an approved roster from your team/group supervisor to arrive early. The dates and times are available through your team/group leader.

    All groups of early arrivals will pick up keys in the lobby of Fitzpatrick Hall unless otherwise noted on your paperwork from your team/group leader. 
  • Late Move In
    Staff will be set up in the lobby of Fitzpatrick for Lynam/Sans/Fitz and Aquinas for Aquinas & Siena to greet you. Between 7 and 9 p.m., students must call the duty phone to pick up keys. After 9 p.m., students will have to move in on Monday. A limited number of carts will be available for use.
    • Sans/Fitz/Lynam duty phone: (614) 561-1835
    • Aquinas/Siena duty phone: (614) 314-8066
  • Room Assignments
    For returning students, the key you receive at move-in will be your room assignment for the first 30 days. Changes cannot be made until after the 30 day freeze and then only through the Area Coordinator after the freeze.

    Aquinas/Siena residents may have been consolidated due to open spaces in your suites. If time allowed, you were sent an email to your ODU email account detailing this change.

    Lynam residents will be given the key to the room that was selected at the Housing Selection night. Changes within the suite cannot be made without the written approval of the AC for your building.

General Information

  • You've Got Mail
    All resident students should have their mail addressed to them using the following example: 

    Student Name Box #_____ (do not write PO Box)
    1216 Sunbury Road
    Columbus, OH 43219  

    Students will receive a new box number when they arrive. Box numbers will remain the same for the entire academic year. If a student changes residence halls, their box will remain in their original hall. This eliminates the need to change mailing addresses with family, friends, and businesses.

    Mail and packages are delivered Monday - Friday to student mailboxes. When a package is received in Residence Life, students will receive a package slip in their mailbox instructing them where and when the package may be picked up. 
  • Important Phone Numbers
    As you prepare to come to campus there are several phone numbers that you may want. We have provided you with a brief phone list to assist you in making the transition to campus life.         

    Office of Residence Life (614) 251-4718
    Public Safety (24 hrs. /day)  (614) 251-4700
    Wellness Center  (614) 251-4570
    Dean of Students  (614) 251-4595  
    Campus Ministry   (614) 251-4567 
    Business Office  (614) 251-4550 
    Financial Aid Office  (614) 251-4778 
    Student Information Hotline   (614) 251-4590 
    Center for Student Involvement  (614) 251-4726  
    Counseling Services  (614) 251-4570
    IT Helpdesk  (614) 251-3633
    Bookstore  (614) 251-4545 
  • Policies
    Please make note of the following reminders or changes to policy / practice.
    • It is recommended that you purchase Renters Insurance if your homeowner’s policy (where you are living) does not cover loss or damages while you are at college.
    • Do not put tacks or nails in the walls or doors. 
    • Furniture that is issued to your room may not be removed or stored.
    • No pets of any type are permitted in the residence halls.
    • Fire safety is always a concern. Please make sure your electrical items are UL approved and safe. Do not overload outlets or power strips. Tampering with or removing fire safety equipment will result in significant fines.
    • Smoking and tobacco use is strictly prohibited on campus.
    • All students must produce their ODU ID when requested by a staff member. All guests must be registered at the front desk.
    • All overnight guests must be registered with the Residence Life Office. 
    • Students who violate the ODU drug policy will be removed from housing
    • Additional information on all of our Residence Life Policies can be found in ODU Student Handbook