ODU Announces 2010 Senior Art Exhibition "Mesh"



Exhibit is open from April 30 through June 4, with ceremonial grand opening on Sunday, May 2

Columbus, OH – Ohio Dominican University’s senior art and design students will hold the ceremonial grand opening of the 2010 senior thesis exhibition, “MESH,” on Sunday, May 2. The exhibit is featured in Wehrle Hall, on Ohio Dominican’s main campus located at 1216 Sunbury Road. The exhibit will be on display from Friday, April 30 - Friday, June 4. The Gallery is open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Admission is free.

MESH is the result of dedication, skill and creativity from 10 graduating seniors majoring in graphic design, art education and fine art. All the works feature an underlying theme of self discovery and personal responsibility. The name “MESH” is derived from a culmination of varied art forms in the show and also refers to the way in which the artists have come together as students and colleagues.

The student artists featured in the exhibition are:

  • Anne Baker (Delaware, OH) Major: Art
    Exhibit overview: This project is an exploration in the history of painting on plaster that is called fresco. The fresco technique and process will be investigated as well as the cultural influences behind the artwork. 
  • Katherine Casassa (Hilliard, OH)
    Major: Art Education
    Exhibit overview: An amateur textile artist takes on a wall hanging with a sewing machine. 
  • Annastacia Filippidis (Warren, OH) Major: Graphic Design
    Exhibit overview: Everybody claims to be a manufacturer of excellent coffee, but only Top Shelf Coffee has received coveted acknowledgement of our flagship Colombian Supremo Gourmet Blend. The NBA has recognized Top Shelf Coffee as a producer of quality Coffee. If you are a fan of great basketball, or you want to help fuel your friends’ fanatic passion for basketball, Top Shelf Coffee can indulge your need for the beautiful, the exclusive and the unique. It is perfect for a gift, collector's item, and of course, your daily intake of the finest quality coffee. 
  • Megan Gallagher (Akron, OH) Major: Graphic Design
    Exhibit overview: Artist has created www.galliegirl.com a website that features issues, news, and interesting people that affect women and girls in Columbus, Ohio. 
  •  Corey Hupp (Westerville, OH) Major: Graphic Design
    Exhibit overview: Sustainability in conjunction with ODU Push Initiative is a campaign to raise awareness of the current sustainability situation on ODU’s campus. Members of the campus community can become a part of this campaign as they question and act upon ways to make our campus more efficient now and for the future. 
  • Lauren Kilian (Cincinnati, OH) Major: Graphic Design
    Exhibit overview: The theme is “Graduate Educated” and it’s a design geared towards helping college students learn more about saving the environment through reducing, re-using, and recycling around campuses and in the classrooms. The artist wants students to graduate college not only with the education for a future career but also with the education for a more sustainable lifestyle. 
  •  Jennifer Paasch (Columbus, OH) Major: Graphic Design
    Exhibit overview: Artist has created a fictitious business that is involved in creating unique tattoo designs. 
  •  Erin Snelling (Columbus, OH) Major: Graphic Design
    Exhibit overview: Artist is exploring art through the meditation of handmade paper using a variety of plant fibers and colors to create textured beautiful sheets. 
  •  Brodie Spears (Washington Court House, OH) Major: Graphic Design
    Exhibit overview: This piece tells five different stories through the eyes of five different lifestyles, and reveals the hardships that have come with them. Through each story, the artist hopes others will realize these are unnecessary sufferings that these individuals should not have to cope with; hopefully this work will incite change within the viewer to help lessen future prejudices.
  • Drew Townsend (Cincinnati, OH) Major: Graphic Design
    Exhibit overview: Have you ever played a video game and thought...WOW! Wouldn't it be neat if I was that character...or thought of a new character that could be better for the game But the creators haven't thought of that special something that would make you and your friends want to buy the game and play it for endless nights?   Well, WAIT NO MORE!! Drew Townsend is calling for all creative gamers who want to be a character in their favorite game! Why play as a character that you have never met personally? That's almost no fun because it isn't YOU... Why not have super human strength and speed...fire jolting from your hands...YOU'RE NOT ABLE TO FLY...well, in THIS life you are! So, why not be characterized by Drew Townsend, and be immortalized forever...so you can play...your kids can play...and your kids' kids can play...and your kids' kids' kids can play...you will NEVER be forgotten... SO GIVE IT A TRY...get CHARACTERIZED!

At the opening ceremony, guests will be able to vote for which artist they fell has the best presentation. Artists will also be available to discuss the concepts, themes and processes as well as design theory, art history and social responsibility at the event.

The senior show is featured on Facebook, click to view photos, features and more.