Student Groups Need Your Online Vote to Win National Competition



Ohio Dominican University has two student teams in the top 10 American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) 2010 Accounting Competition. Of the 130 teams that entered the competition, ODU is the only college or university in Ohio to make it to the finals and the only college or university in the United States with two teams in the top 10.

For the AICPA Accounting Competition, student teams were tasked with applying their accounting and sustainability smarts to solve a real-world business problem for an actual client. Each of ODU’s teams consists of three accounting majors from Assistant Professor Bob Osborne's Advanced Accounting class and one environmental studies major from Assistant Professor Chad King's Environmental Studies program. Ohio Dominican is the only institution to collaborate with environmental studies students.

ODU’s teams are:
Greening The GAAP: Accounting Majors Alex Bartholomew (Captain), Jennifer Baker, Justin Arling and Environmental Studies Major David Woolf

The Green Assets: Accounting Majors Mari Monaco (Captain), Ryan Fasig, Rachel Billing, and, Environmental Studies/Political Science Major Christina Steiner

“We are proud of the students for participating in these competitions,” said Osborne, the faculty advisor for both teams. “After all, it is a great way for the students to apply lessons they have learned in the real world. And who knows, it might really pay off.”

The top ten teams in the 2010 AICPA Accounting Competition now move to the semi-finals, where they will compete for the top three spots. The winning team is awarded $10,000 and a trip to New York City for a networking lunch with industry insiders.

You can help ODU’s teams in the competition. Public voting begins November 12 and ends November 19, 2010. Please mark your calendars. You can vote for the ODU teams on the AICPA competition website,