ODU Students, Faculty Present at 2013 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Undergraduate Research Symposium


Columbus, OH Ohio Dominican University (ODU) students and faculty presented on a variety of topics at the 2013 Undergraduate Research Symposium, held from 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., April 26 in Battelle Hall, located on ODU’s main campus at 1216 Sunbury Road. 

The Undergraduate Research Symposium is held annually at the end of spring semester to celebrate student achievement and highlight scholarly endeavors from all disciplines. The symposium showcases Honors thesis presentations, as well as poster presentations of student research from classes, internships and independent studies.  

The following Honors Students offered thesis presentations: 

  • Kristy Birkemeier: “The Effect of Postprandial Lipidemia on Endothelial Function Following Moderate-Intensity Exercise in Athletes vs. Non-Athletes” (Advisor: John Thistlethwaite, Ph.D.) 
  • Angeline Burke: “Religious Conviction as a Catalyst for Identity Change among Anti-War U.S. Veterans” (Advisor: Julie Hart, Ph.D.) 
  • Ashley DeMattio: “Under the Influence of Satire”(Advisor: Stephen Thomas, Ph.D.) 
  • Danielle D’Onghia: “Windows to Reverie: A Photography Exhibition of Works by Danielle D’Onghia” (Advisor: Prof. Jessica Larva) 
  • Aline Mariano: The Impact of Corruption in Brazil” (Advisor: Godwin Duru, Ph.D.) 
  • Peter Mascio:Using the Positive Possessions Efficiency Rating as a Means of Team and Player Assessment in an NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Conference”(Advisor: James Strode, Ph.D.) 
  • Anna Orians: “Concerns of a Pre-Service Teacher: Are Beginning Educators Being Prepared for the Amount of Government Involvement in Their Classrooms?”(Advisor: Marlissa Stauffer, Ph.D.) 
  • Tracy Tallarico: “The Changing Nature of Our Return to Nature” (Advisors: Walter Kokernot, Ph.D., Martin Brick, Ph.D.) 

There were 14 student-created research posters in this year’s competition. Students Danny Morales, Jackson Ragland and Andriah Watkins won for their poster, “When the Creative Mind Wanders: How Exercise Promotes Creativity.”  Student Heather Hardman and Blake Mathys, Ph.D., Environmental Science, also won for their poster, “Study of Fat Reserves of Migratory and Non-Migratory Passerine Birds during Fall Migration.” 

The following Faculty Summer Research Grant recipients from 2012 presented posters: 

  • Michael Dougherty, Ph.D., Philosophy: “Oxford Bibliographies Online” 
  • Dinty Musk, Jr., Ph.D., Chemistry: “Synthesis of a Fluorescent Probe Molecule to Identify Inhibitors of Biofilm Formation in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa” 
  • Valerie Staton, Ph.D., Psychology: “Movements of Wild Born Black-Footed Ferrets in the Aubrey Valley, Arizona”  
  • James Strode, Ph.D., Sport Management: Ethical Predisposition and Decision Making of High School Coaches: A Mixed Methods Approach on Gamesmanship” 

The following faculty presented demonstration abstracts in the areas of Environmental Science, Exercise Science, Computer Science and Biotechnology. 

  • Blake Mathys, Ph.D., Environmental Science: “Fish as Water Quality Indicators” 
  • Brad Nelson, Ph.D., and John Thistlethwaite, Ph.D., Exercise Science: “Electocardiography” 
  • Timothy Walker, Ph.D., and Sean Whalen (student), Computer Science: “Dynamic Recombination of Evolving Guitar Sounds (DREGS): A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Guitar Synthesizer Control” 
  • Saint Albert Society (Advisor: Becky Graham, Ph.D., Biology): “Biotechnology in the ODU Classroom” 

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