How can I get assistance with accessibility issues?

1) For accessibility issues involving a disability:

Library Course Pages are developed using the web template of the Ohio Dominican University and in consultation of the Web Accessibility Initiative of the W3C guidelines. While it is currently not always possible, the Library strives to meet the Priority 1 checkpoints listed in these guidelines..

It is a student's responsibility to communicate special needs related to a disability. Consult the ODU Student Handbook for contact information and further details, available online from Student Services.

For students with visual disabilities, the Academic Resource Center provides equipment that will magnify text.

2) For accessibility issues involving off-campus access:

If you are attempting to access a Library resource from off-campus and having difficulty with off-campus access, be sure to follow the instructions outlined on the Library site.

3) For other online accessibility issues:

If your inability to access one of the resources online is not due to either of these reasons, contact the Computer Helpdesk for assistance.