Is it safe to access the ODU Library catalog and website using my smartphone?

Yes. When you try to use certain parts of the ODU Library Catalog or website, such as “My Library Account” or “Make a Suggestion or Comment,” on a smartphone (iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid, etc.), you may receive a warning about an invalid “website certificate” or “untrusted connection.”  It is completely safe to use any part of the ODU Library Catalog or website on your smartphone, despite these warning messages. Simply click or tap the appropriate button (“Accept,” “Continue,” “Add Exception,” etc.) to ignore the warning and continue. 

These warning messages occur because of the type of website (SSL) certificate used by ODU. A Certificate is a special file on a website that allows your smartphone (or computer) to verify the identity of the website. The Certificate is created by a trusted organization, called a Certificate Issuer. Most of the time, the Issuer is automatically recognized by your device, but ODU’s Certificate Issuer, DigiCert, is unknown to some devices. Nevertheless, the certificate is valid, and any information sent between your device and the website is automatically encrypted. See Figures 1 and 2 for more information about ODU’s Certificate.

 Web Security Certificate 

Web Certification Path