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ODU's minor in Entrepreneurship provides students the tools and insights necessary to launch a new venture, whether it is for-profit or not-for-profit. Turning a passion, cause or idea into a functioning enterprise requires acumen in marketing, finance, law and management.
The minor in Entrepreneurship will complement any major and is designed for both non-business and business majors.

The required course sequence covers everything from start-up considerations, business planning, capital sourcing and legal considerations to integrating family members into the business, moving the business across generations, and selling the business to a third party.

While this minor is designed to accommodate students who are naturally creative, innovative or who plan to start and run their own enterprise, it will also be helpful to students who plan to work for an organization with an entrepreneurial mindset. In our current evolving and volatile economy, jobs no longer last decades.

Additionally, given the rapidly changing nature of our economy, employers are increasingly interested in hiring employees with an entrepreneurial or innovative mindset. This minor is ideally aligned to help students acquire that way of thinking and working.
  • Minor in Entrepreneurship
    Courses Credits
    BUS 240 Management & Organizational Behavior 3
    BUS 361 Starting a New Business Venture 3
    BUS 362 Building, Operating & Passing on a Family Business 3
    FIN 328 Entrepreneurial Finance 3
    PRS 340 Internet Strategies: Social Media, e-Commerce & More 3
    Select One Course for 3 Credits
    BUS 220 Principles of Marketing 3
    BUS 305 Non-Profit Management 3
    BUS 343 Human Resource Management 3
    BUS 360 Innovation & Entrepreneurship 3
    ECN 207 Principles of Microeconomics 3
    ENV 279A CORE: Applied Sustainability 3
    IBA 301 World Economic Resources & Business Sourcing 3
    Approved Internship in any discipline relative to the Minor in Entrepreneurship
    Total Credits Required 18

Business Division