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Ohio Dominican University uses Retention Alert, an early alert system, in an effort to help students receive the resources and support they need.

Should a member of the faculty or staff become concerned about a student’s academic performance or overall well-being, it is likely that they will refer the student to a member of ODU's Student Success Team through the Retention Alert system .

Retention Alert is administered by the Assistant Dean of Student Success. Questions or concerns about Retention Alert should be directed to powellt1@ohiodominican.edu or (614) 251-4324. 

Information Students Need to Know

Students who are referred through the Retention Alert system will initially be contacted by e-mail or phone by a member of the Success Team. 

The Success Team is made up of staff from Academic Advising, Academic Resources, Career Development, Counseling, Diversity & Social Justice, and Residence Life.

Members of the Success Team will meet with you to better understand what you are currently experiencing and provide you with information, resources, and support to promote your academic success.

Information Faculty and Staff Need to Know

Faculty and staff are encouraged to submit Retention Alert information for any student that they feel may benefit from receiving additional support and guidance from a member of the Success Team.

Retention Alert is available in ODU Online. For step-by step-instructions to submit a case, use the document Submitting to Retention Alert.