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Dominique Washington

Pre-Law, Criminal Justice


Gahanna, Ohio

  • Black Student Union
  • Women of Worth
  • Track & Field

Why did you choose to attend Ohio Dominican University?
Being a Columbus native, I knew right away that ODU made the most sense for me to continue my academic and athletic career. The people here quickly became my second family. The professors are very dedicated to teaching us the content of our majors and helping us dive into our field of study.

How do you stay involved at ODU?
As the secretary of ODU’s Black Student Union, I stay very busy with planning events for the entire student body and campus community. In addition, being a part of the Track & Field program has kept me on my toes by helping me stay disciplined and organized.

Have you participated in any internships?
I’ve served as a legislative page for the Ohio House of Representatives over the past two summers. The experience there is like no other, especially when it comes to the exposure we have to what actually takes place in our state and local government. This position, and the responsibilities it entails, right out of high school has really shaped how I handle myself in all types of situations. This opportunity also has allowed me to be more prepared for what it will be like after I graduate from law school.

What do you want to do after graduation?
My long-term goal is to become a Supreme Court Justice. However, right after graduation I am looking to complete my Juris Doctor at Ohio State and then go straight into the workforce as a prosecutor for the State of Ohio.

What is your most memorable moment at ODU?
My most memorable moment at ODU happened during freshman orientation. My peer advisor, Kendall, was speaking to our group and letting us know that college isn’t easy, but it is well worth it and it gets better when you have good people in your corner. He told us that he’d be there for all of us if we ever needed help with anything, but that he also expected us to never give up and to always put our best foot forward in everything that we do. To this day, he still reminds me of those same things.

What is one unique experience you’ve had at ODU that has helped you grow personally, professionally and/or spiritually?
Being greeted everyday by a smiling face has really helped me grow personally. We have a ton of kind-hearted people on campus and it’s nice to see that everybody in the world aren’t as bad as people may make them out to be.

What is one unique experience you’ve had at ODU that has helped you grow personally, professionally and/or spiritually?
I discovered my passion as I sat down and spoke with my mentors about how I could implement my talent into the world. They told me never to be afraid to speak my voice and never ever take no for an answer.

Why are you proud to be an ODU student?
I’m proud to be a student at Ohio Dominican because of the unity that is being spread throughout the entire campus. We recently had an event on campus called the Unity Project, and I felt so proud to participate in a project that shows how powerful we all are when we come together.