• The Logo


    ODU Logo 

    The Ohio Dominican University logo consists of the name of the university and the date it was founded around an escutcheon, or shield. At the center of the shield is a flame.

    The colors of Ohio Dominican are white, black and gold, which are the colors of the Dominican Order and the Papacy. The black and white colors signify the university’s tie to the 800-year-old tradition of the Order of Preachers, whose members are known for their commitment to the life of study and service through excellence in preaching and teaching the Word. The inclusion of the papal gold signifies the university’s service to the Church.

    The shield is two-thirds black and one-third white, which suggests the habit of the Dominicans. The habit is white and the cappa, or cloak, is black. The flame, superimposed upon a field of white, carries several meanings. Just as light enables sight, liberal education enables insight and human development. As an institution of higher education, the university offers to all sincere seekers of the Truth the chance to do so through the liberating education it offers.

    A legend about St. Dominic tells that before he was born, his mother had a dream in which she saw a dog carrying in its mouth a flaming torch, the torch of Truth, that his Order would eventually carry into the world. The flame also symbolizes the fire of the Holy Spirit, Who gives wisdom, understanding, good counsel, courage, knowledge, piety and fear of the Lord. The hope of Ohio Dominican is that this fire will burn in the hearts of all of its students so that they, using their gifts, might engage in the renewal of the world.

    The Ohio Dominican University logo was created to give our university a consistent and clear symbol to various audiences. The use of this logo on a consistent basis without distortion of shape, or replacement of typeface or colors builds a strong sense of identity among alumni, students, faculty, staff, the public and other academic institutions.