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  • What Students are Saying

    The following comments were made by ODU students who attended An Evening with Wil Haygood and Stephen Reiss: The Geniuses behind “The Butler” on Sept. 12, 2013.

    “When we approached the parking lot of ODU, we realized that all of the cars were heading for the same place. Everyone wanted to hear Wil Haygood! Before I came to the event, I had greatly underestimated the significance of what I was participating in.”  

    “Wil liked to think of Mr. Allen’s life in a biblical way, which I found beautiful.”  

    “The talk reminded me that a lot of good still exists in this world; we just have to look for it, even if that means pulling out phone books from three different states.”  

    “Wil Haygood’s method of delivery and style of speaking struck me. The dramatic pauses he took between phrases were, to me, perfectly placed to keep the viewer on the edge of his or her seat. I felt that Haygood’s placement of humor in the midst of more serious subjects was masterful.”  

    This was my first book launch, and I’m very happy I went. Dawn Davis, Stephen Reiss and all the other people show how difficult the process of writing a successful book is. It takes the support of many people. I was surprised when Stephen walked up and said ‘Look at this crowd! I’ve never seen a crowd like this before!’ He’s been to book launches in Chicago and other big cities and ODU had the biggest crowd!”  

    “I was captivated by Mr. Haygood.”  

    “This story really touched my heart. To know that amidst all the evil in the world, there is always a small light of hope that restores my faith in humanity.”  

    “Absolutely outstanding! The number one thing I learned was when Mr. Haygood said ‘even if you fail, you’ll learn something.’”  

    “One of the most interesting points of the night was when Mr. Haygood told the story about how he was captured by Somali pirates.”  

    “Wil Haygood seems like the type of person who would not forget where he came from. The fact that he grew up in Columbus is really neat, but that he attended ODU in high school was even more interesting.”  

    “My only wish is that Mr. Allen could still be alive today to see how many people know his story and how many people he has inspired.”