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  • Academic Assessment Report


    accomplishments for the year:

    1. Attended HLC Assessment Academy and developed a planning document for the academic year 
    2. Developed a time line approved by the HLCAA Reviewer for goals for the 2009-2010 with deliverables (See Time Line Year One) 
    3. All IDEA responsibility moved to the VPA Office with exception of review of university wide results. 
    4. Expansion of Committee Membership to include: VPA, Director of Assessment (Chair), one representative of the Graduate Council, Dean of Adult Programs, and five elected faculty. 
    5. Presentations/Updates/Training 
    6. New Faculty Orientation X2 
    7. Full Faculty Reporting Out on PAR and PAS Process 
    8. Full Faculty Reporting Out on HLC A 
    9. Focus Group Sessions X 2 
    10. Program Assessment Survey : developed,  distributed, completed, collected 
    11. We need to get the ones that came in after 2.28.10 from Weinstein 
    12. We need to then analyze results and contact indiv. Departments who struggled 
    13. We need to create a summary report and post to HLCAA Website  w/next steps 
    14. Program Assessment Report: developed 
    15. PAR’s will go out to faculty Dept. Chairs in last week of August w/4 week  submission date 
    16. Those who struggled with PAS will need support 
    17. Focus Groups 
    18. Math, Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, MBA programs in the group 
    19. MBA program moved to 2010-2011 Academic Year  
    20. All other programs completed the PAS and attended two sessions on Academic Assessment at the program level 
    21. All utilizing committee developed Poster Format for report out in Fall 
    22. Report out date for the Focus Groups moved to Fall (will be included in session with 2010-2011 participants) 

    Projected Work 2010-2011

    1. Select 2010-2011 Focus Groups and schedule Sessions 
    2. Summarizing 2009-2010 PAS Data and Report Out 
    3. Collecting PAR’s , analysis and reporting out 
    4. Training departments who are struggling 
    5. Assessment  Website Development 
    6. “Webification” of PAR, PAS, FAR 
    7. Review NSSE Results and look for opportunities for linkage to program outcomes