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  • Academic Assessment Report


    accomplishments for the year:

    1. Presentations/Updates/Training
      • New Faculty Orientation Session X
      • Faculty Updates on Program Assessment Survey Results X
      • Full Faculty Development Session
        1. Creating and Enhancing Your Student Learning Outcomes
        2. Update on AAC work
        3. Sharing of comparisons for first tow PAS results
        4. Higher Learning Commission Update
      • 2009-2010 Focus Group Poster Presentation Session & Orientation of 2010-2011 Group
    2. Program Assessment Survey
      • Completed analysis of available 2009-2010 results
      • Distributed, collected and analyzed 2010-2011 submission
      • Completed comparison of results of F2009-Sp2011 result
      • Posted summary in report  to HLCAA Website  w/next steps
    3. Focus Group Work
      • Updated the Focus Group Five Year Cycle Table
      • Accounting, Art & Graphic Design, Business Administration, Communications, Economics, Finance, and International Business were in  the 2010-2011 group
      • All programs completed the PAS, developed or enhanced student learning outcomes, completed or updated the outcomes/course matrix, developed a 5 year assessment plan and attended three sessions on Academic Assessment at the program level
      • All utilizing committee developed Poster Format for report out in Fall 2011 to the 2011-2012 groups
    4. Assessment Committee Website
      • Development “temporary” website for academic assessment work and internal sharing
      • http://homepages.ohiodominican.edu/~cottrilj/AAC

    Projected Work 2011-2012

    1. Complete work on AAC website and “go live” : September 2011
    2. 2010-2011 Poster Session & Orientation for 2011-2012 Focus Group session: August 2011
    3. Set schedule 2011-2012 Focus Group sessions for academic year: August 2011
    4. PAS distribution, collection, analysis and comparison to include all program outcomes/course matrices: Fall 2011
    5. PAS results comparison sharing: Spring 2012
    6. Faculty development offering: Fall 2011 and  Spring 2012
    7. “Webification” of  PAS, CAF, FAR: Spring 2012
    8. Review NSSE Results and look for opportunities for linkage to program outcomes: Spring 2012