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    With this program, you can engage in virtual-shadowing with up to 1,001 professionals to get the inside scoop on as many careers. Login using the information below.User/School Name: ODU    Password: panthers


    Inside Career Info is a searchable collection of hundreds of candid career reports written by "insiders", successful professionals who are actually doing the job.

    Career Zone Match Holland Interest codes with occupations

    Dictionary of Occupational Titles 


    College Board Career Browser (clustered occupations)

    Job Profiler (read actual profiles of people in many careers)

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    Career Assessments


    The first step in career development is increasing self-awareness. By using TypeFocus to identify your strengths and preferences, you will come to understand the underlying logic for making sound career choices. To register for TypeFocus, contact the Career Center.

    The Career Liftoff Interest Inventory

    The Career Liftoff Interest Inventory assesses the interests of individuals and compares them to the interest profiles of various career fields. Based on your interests, Liftoff will identify careers you should investigate further. To register for this assessment, contact the Career Center.


    Type Logic 

    Type Logic is a great resource for additional information on your personality type.  


    Career Zone (Match Holland Interest codes with occupations)