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    Traditional Format


    The Traditional Calendar Format is designed for recent graduates of undergraduate programs and working adults who prefer to take evening and/or online courses on a traditional academic calendar (fall and spring terms). Students may choose a concentration in leadership, public administration, or accounting. This calendar option maintains between-term breaks and regular campus holidays. It offers students an opportunity to complete the MBA Program in as few as 16 months. Students may begin the program throughout the year at any of five start times. 


    Admission Requirements  

    • Bachelor‘s degree from a regionally accredited institution
    • Completed application with essay
    • A 3.000 GPA in the last 60 credit hours of the bachelor's degree (A Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) score may be required for students who do not meet this requirement)  
    • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended  
    • TOEFL score of 550 or equivalent electronic score, if applicable  
    • Three letters of recommendation 
    • A $25 non-refundable application fee  

    Foundation Knowledge Requirements  

    Foundation knowledge in four content areas - accounting, finance, statistics, and economics - is required. Students without acceptable preparation must satisfy this requirement by completing an undergraduate course in each deficient area as determined by the Program Director. A grade of B or better must be earned in each foundation course prior to starting the program course sequence. 

    Transfer or Transient Credit    

    The Registrar and graduate program director are responsible for the evaluation of transfer credit and processing the necessary approval forms prior to granting graduate transient credit. Once credit has been accepted or transient credit approved, the Registrar applies it to the graduate program. The maximum number of transfer or transient credits a graduate student may receive is nine semester hours. Only courses with grades of B or better from regionally accredited institutions will be considered.   


    Graduation Requirements    

    •  Students must complete all required courses (36 semester hours).  
    • Students must have a 3.000 or higher grade point average.  
    • Students must complete the program within seven years.   

    Course Progression       

    Courses Credits
    MBA 510 Management Skills Portfolio 3
    MBA 540 Management of Information Systems 3
    MBA 550 Global Business Enterprise and Trade Issues 3
    MBA 570 Quantitative Business Analysis 3
    MBA 620 Marketing Management 3
    MBA 640 Managerial Economics 3
    MBA 660 Ethics and Social Responsibility 3
    MBA 690 MBA Capstone Learning Experience 3
    Choose one: 3
        MBA 630 Accounting for Managers    
        MBA 635 Accounting for Governmental & Nonprofit Organization 
                (for those completing concentration in Public Administration)
    Choose one: 3
        MBA 650 Managerial Finance  
        MBA 655 Public Budgeting and Finance 
                (for those completing concentration in Public Administration)
    Complete any TWO additional MBA courses OR one of the following concentrations: 6

    The Leadership Concentration in the MBA Program is designed to enhance the learner’s leadership effectiveness. Students will study leadership concepts, analyze leadership situations, and assess their own skill set to develop a professional development plan in the area of leadership. The concentration is formatted to allow the student to select courses that address contemporary topics in leadership with the focus on building and growing their skill set in the areas of critical thinking, analysis, reasoning, judgment and application of the concepts studied.

    Select six credits from the following courses:
    MBA 622 Conflict Management & Negotiation Strategies for Leaders (3 credit hours)
    MBA 624 Advanced Readings and Practices in Leadership (3 credit hours)
    MBA 680 Leadership and Change Management (3 credit hours)

    The Public Administration Concentration in the MBA Program is designed to support the effective development of aspiring governmental managers and senior governmental leaders. The concentration focuses on strategic management and leadership as well as management issues related to improving organizational performance. The concentration retains the strong MBA core course sequence while substituting four courses specifically designed for those wishing to expand their capacity to practicing public administrators as well as those seeking entry into public administration.

    Complete the following courses:
    MBA 554 Public Administration (3 credit hours)
    MBA 657 Public Policy (3 credit hours)

    Students cannot complete both the MBA with a Public Administration concentration and the Graduate Certificate in Public Administration.
    The Accounting Concentration in the MBA Program can help give students a professional advantage in one of today’s fastest-growing business fields. Whether students are looking for a way to enter the world of accounting or are currently an accounting professional seeking to open doors to new career options and enhance their sill set, the concentration will help make credentials stand out. It focuses on skills and knowledge directly relevant to the workplace and the courses are taught by faculty with demonstrated professional expertise and leadership in accounting. This program was developed for students with an undergraduate degree in accounting, although non-accounting majors could benefit from the concentration.

    Select six credits from the following courses:
    MBA 635 Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Organizations (3 credits)
    MBA 636 Financial Statement Analysis (3 credit hours)
    MBA 638 Contemporary Issues in Accounting (3 credit hours)

    Finance Concentration


    Select six credits from the following courses:
    MBA 645 Behavioral Finance (3 credit)
    MBA 648 Financial Modeling (3)
    MBA 662 International Financial Management (3)
    MBA 665 Investment Analysis (3)

    Total Credits Required 36