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    The Ohio Dominican University MBA Program is designed to provide students a comprehensive business education while stressing ethical leadership and strategic agility. The Program offers students a learning experience consistent with Ohio Dominican University's tradition of providing intellectual development and growth in truth and ethical perspective while advancing career readiness in the dynamic, competitive and increasingly globalizing world of business. The program successfully prepares graduates to serve in middle and senior level leadership roles in a wide variety of organizations.

    Three Formats - One Degree

    The Ohio Dominican University MBA Program is currently offered in three distinctive delivery formats, each tailored to meet the unique needs of students:

    • The  LEAD Format: The Learning Enhanced Adult Degree (LEAD) MBA Format is designed to meet the learning needs of the working adult. Students attend classes one night per week on a year-round basis at one of four campus locations (Easton, Tuttle, Main Campus). Students may complete the program in as few as 18 months, and may begin the program at a wide variety of start dates throughout the year.
    • The  Traditional Calendar Format: The Traditional Calendar MBA Format is designed for recent graduates of undergraduate programs who are accustomed to the traditional rhythms of the academic year or working adults who prefer to attend classes on a traditional academic calendar (fall and spring terms). This calendar option maintains between-term and summer breaks and regular campus holidays. It offers students an opportunity to complete the MBA Program in as few as 18 months while attending evening classes at the main campus. A Public Administration concentration is available to students. Students may begin the program throughout the academic year at any of five start times.
    • The  4+1 Format: The 4+1 MBA Format is designed for full-time, undergraduate students who would like to complete an undergraduate degree as well as an MBA in as few as five full-time academic years. The 4+1 Format is offered at the main campus with classes scheduled on the traditional academic calendar.

    Learning Objectives

    Graduates of the Ohio Dominican University MBA Program will exhibit:

    • The ability to utilize critical thinking and reasoning skills to anticipate, identify, analyze, and solve problems.
    • The capacity to create opportunities for both critical inquiry and practical application of learning.
    • A strong sense of mutual responsibility, respect, understanding, trust, and fairness.
    • Strong written and spoken communication skills.
    • A solid understanding of the functional components of business combined with the human aspects of conducting business within physical and social environments.
    • The ability to use judgment, deliberation, and analysis required to perform basic business research, including research evaluation and design, statistical analysis, bibliographic and information search techniques, and report writing.
    • The capacity for strategic and ethical leadership in the face of environments characterized by change, uncertainty, and complexity.


    Admission policies and procedures for all graduate academic programs of Ohio Dominican University are the responsibility of the Graduate Curriculum and Academic Policies Committee (GCAP). Admission to the program is the decision of the Program Director and the Master of Education Graduate Admissions Committee who review and evaluate all applications. In the case of applicants who do not satisfy the general requirements for admission to the program, the program faculty will decide on the merit of such cases.

    Students may obtain only the MBA or the MSM degree from Ohio Dominican University but not both.