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    CHM 109 General Chemistry I  

    4 credits

    Foundations of chemistry for Science majors. Topics include atomic structure, chemical bonding, stoichiometry, phases of matter, chemical energetics, molecular geometry; includes laboratory. Co-requisite: MTH 102 or equivalent placement.

    CHM 110 General Chemistry II  

    4 credits
    Continuation of basic principles of chemistry: solutions, equilibria; acids and bases; electrochemistry; nuclear chemistry; descriptive inorganic and organic chemistry. Laboratory experiments in conjunction with the theory. Prerequisite: CHM 109.

    CHM 229 Organic Chemistry I  

    4 credits
    A study of the fundamental theory and laboratory techniques of organic chemistry. Topics include reactions of functional groups, reaction theory, and stereochemistry. Prerequisite: CHM 110. Co-requisite: BIO 201.

    CHM 230 Organic Chemistry II  

    4 credits
    A continuation of Organic Chemistry I. Topics include reactions of functional groups, spectroscopy, and polymer chemistry; includes laboratory. Prerequisite: CHM 229.

    CHM 359 Analytical Chemistry  

    4 credits
    Theory and methods of analytical chemistry including classical quantitative analysis and introduction to instrumental analysis. Emphasizes chemical equilibrium principles, statistical analysis of data, computer usage, and development of problem solving and technical skills in the laboratory. Prerequisite: CHM 230; MTH 160; junior standing.

    CHM 360 Instrumental Methods of Analysis  

    4 credits

    Theoretical principles and laboratory applications of instrumentation, including spectroscopic methods, electrochemical methods, methods of separation, and radiochemical methods. Prerequisites: CHM 359.

    CHM 439 Thermodynamics and Kinetics  

    4 credits

    Topics include the kinetic theory of gases and the three basic laws of thermodynamics and their application to pure substances, simple mixtures, and chemical equilibria. Latter topics include kinetics of reactions. Includes laboratory. Prerequisites: CHM 230; MTH 241; PHY 219, 220.


    CHM 440 Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy  

    4 credits

    Quantum mechanics - topics include quantum theory, atomic and molecular structure, theoretical principles of spectroscopic and resonance methods, and surface science; includes laboratory. Prerequisites: CHM 230; MTH 241; PHY 219, 220.

    CHM 451 Biochemistry I  

    4 credits
    Advanced study of the molecular basis of biological systems emphasizing the relationship between structure and properties, energetics, kinetics, and metabolic pathways. Laboratory included. Prerequisites: BIO 201 and CHM 229.

    CHM 2/3/482 Directed Topics  

    3 credits
    This course gives the student experience in helping teach a college science laboratory. Students enrolled in this course will aid in lab preparations, teaching of labs and/or design of experiments. Course may be taken more than once for a total of no more than eight credit hours and applies toward the major. Graded on a pass/fail basis. Prerequisites: Junior standing, consent of the instructor and academic advisor.

    CHM 1/2/3/485 Special Topics  

    1-3 credits

    Concentrated study of a particular area such as electrochemistry, inorganic reaction mechanisms, quantum theory, or advanced organic chemistry. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

    CHM 2/3/486 Independent Study  

    1-3 credits

    Conference, library, and laboratory work. Research investigations for qualified students who are taking a concentration in chemistry. Includes Honors Program research. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor, academic advisor, division chairperson.

    CHM 490 Field Placement

    1-3 credits

    Supervised placements in local laboratories having analytical and research facilities. Restricted to Chemistry majors. Prerequisites: CHM 360 and consent of instructor.