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    Course Descriptions

    ESL 130 Grammar III: Complex Structures

    1-3 credits
    Advanced level. Further development of American English and refinement of necessary structures for academic expression.

    ESL 131 Composition III : Research and Academic Writing

    1-3 credits
    Advanced level. Various rhetorical modes of writing; introduction to writing research papers; use of library resources. When scheduling permits, students will have the opportunity to register in companion courses outside ESL using the content of the companion courses to develop these skills. Prerequisite: Placement exam. Fulfills Language Requirement.

    ESL 132 Reading III: Advanced and Literary Texts

    3 credits
    Advanced level. Reading and study skills and strategies developed through reading and discussion of texts used in various academic areas. Focus on comprehension, meaning, and inference. Building speed and vocabulary through extensive and intensive reading. Attention to critical reading and affective dimensions of reading. Prerequisite: Placement exam. Fulfills Language requirement.

    ESL 134 Listening/Speaking III: Academic Discourse

    1-3 credits
    Practical experience in academic note taking, oral presentations, methods of textual analysis, academic discussions, and debate. Prerequisite: Placement exam.

    ESL 185 Special Topics

    1-3 credits
    Concentrated study in a particular area of English language. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

    ESL 286 Independent Study

    1-3 credits
    Intensive individual work in an area of English language development. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor, academic advisor, division chairperson.