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    Course Descriptions

    LNG 177 Orientation for International Students

    1 credit
    Introduction to academic life in the United States generally and at ODU specifically. Normally taken by new international students within one year of matriculation. Must be taken pass-fail.

    LNG 187 International Experience

    1 credit
    Cultural experience of international dimension on campus, in the community or abroad. Applies as an activity course.

    LNG 188 Study Abroad

    1-18 credits
    A registration designation for students who choose to study abroad for a semester or a full year. Courses taken abroad must have prior approval of the student's academic advisor and the Director of the International Office. When a student provides an official transcript of the work done abroad, LNG 188 is replaced by the courses taken at the foreign institution.

    LNG 201 Introduction to Linguistics

    3 credits
    A study of the sounds, meanings, and structures of language; the nature, origin, and history of language and linguistics; language families, animal language, and language learning processes; dialects and their social implications.

    LNG/COM 242 Cross-Cultural Communication

    3 credits
    An exploration of the ways in which cultural factors, including rituals, attitudes, values, beliefs, behavior, and cultural assumptions, affect communication. Topics include models of cultural effect, relationship of dominant and non-dominant cultures, religions, traditions, para-language, non-verbal communication, chronemics, and proxemics. Especially appropriate for majors in the areas of business, communication, criminal justice, sociology, social work, and education. This course fulfills the diversity, global, and multicultural requirement.

    LNG 1/2/3/485 Special Topics

    1-3 credits
    Concentrated study in a particular area of language and linguistics or cross-cultural communications. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

    LNG 2/3/486 Independent Study

    1-3 credits
    Individual work in language and linguistics or cross-cultural communications. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor, academic advisor, division chairperson.