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    Course Descriptions


    WGS 279A CORE: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

    3 credits
    This course explores the common good through gender, its history, representation, and relationship to culture, society, and art. What is the relationship between gender and society? How has gender been influenced by society and vice versa? We will examine the ways diverse communities have responded to these kinds of questions in the past. We will also examine the ways in which gender is represented, viewed, treated, and discussed today. Issues such as the women‘s suffrage; gender policies in religion, business and education; and gender bias will be discussed. Readings will be multicultural and multidisciplinary. Films, the visual arts, and popular media will also be included. Prerequisite: CORE 179 or appropriate transfer status. Pre- or Co-requisite: ENG 102 or ENG 111. This course fulfills the diversity, global, and multicultural requirement.

    WGS 397 Internship

    1-3 credits
    Supervised fieldwork of 40 hours per credit hour in a gender-women‘s studies related field. Students will meet regularly with the sponsoring instructor. Prerequisites: Junior standing, 3.000 cumulative grade point average, consent of the advisor and director.

    WGS 286-486 Independent Study

    1-3 credits
    This class gives students the chance to develop individual creative, critical, and research projects. Forty (40) hours per credit hour. Includes Honors Program research. Prerequisites: Consent of the instructor, academic advisor, and division chairperson.