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    Degrees offered: Bachelor of Arts

    A campus or youth minister is a person who responds to the gifts and needs of young people—both adolescents and young adults. He or she "organizes, animates, and coordinates the people, programming, and resources within parish, school, and/or community-based settings to provide a comprehensive ministry effort" (National Certification Standards for Lay Ecclesial Ministers 17). The B.A. in Campus and Youth Ministry is designed to help such persons prepare for this responsibility. 

    Requirements for a B. A. in Campus and Youth Ministry

    For Prerequisites and Co-requisites please see course descriptions.      
    Students must complete the core requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in addition to the major requirements listed below.  
    Choose one from the following: 3*
    THL 106 Old Testament  
    THL 107 New Testament  
    THL 225 Introduction to Chirstian Theology 3*
    THL 234 Jesus: Revelation of God 3*
    THL 245 The Church 3*
    THL 303 The Gospels 3*
    THL 312 Principles of Campus and Youth Ministry 3*
    THL 320 Grace and Freedom 3*
    THL 335 Christian Morality 3*
    THL 347 Principles of Religious Education 3*
    THL 479 CORE: Senior Capstone in Theology 3*
    Theology Electives at 300 level or above 6*
    Required Correlatives:   
    PSY 221 Human Development: Adolescent 3
    PSY 255 Human Sexuality 3
    Total Credits Required  39 
    * Used to calculate the Major GPA