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    Degree offered: Bachelor of Arts 

    Minor offered: Economics 

    Division of Business Mission Statement:
    Believing in the power of truth, the division is committed to developing students who are grounded in the liberal arts and Dominican traditions. Upon graduation, the students will have the ability to think critically, logically, and ethically while applying the specialized business knowledge and skills mastered here to respond effectively to the rapidly evolving demands of our communities and organizations in the global economy.  

    A major in economics prepares the student for a career in business, government, research, consulting or teaching. It is theoretically and application-oriented and studies how the market system functions and how a well-informed citizen actively and effectively participates in it. It is good preparation for students seeking advanced studies in economics, business, law, and public policy. Realistic assignments are taken from everyday events.



    Requirements for a B.A. in Economics

    See course descriptions for prerequisites and co-requisites     
    Students must complete the core requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in addition to the major requirements listed below.  
    ECN 207 Principles of Microeconomics 3*
    ECN 208 Principles of Macroeconomics 3*
    ECN 322 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3*
    ECN 325 Intermediate Microeconomics 3*
    ECN 340 International Economics 3*
    ECN 420 Development of Economic Theories 3*
    ECN 479 CORE: Economic Analysis 3*
    ECN electives 6*
    ACT 210 Accounting for Financial Decision Making 3*
    Required Correlatives:  
    Select one of the following: 3
    CIS 107 Computer Applications OR (if qualified)  
    CIS 234 Database Mgmt Systems  
    MTH 140 Introduction to Statistics 3
    MTH 240 Calculus I 4
    Total Credits Required 40
    *used to calculate the Major GPA  


    Requirements for a Minor in Economics

    See course descriptions for prerequisites and co-requisites    
    ECN 207 Principles of Microeconomics 3
    ECN 208 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
    ECN 322 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3
    ECN 325 Intermediate Microeconomics 3
    ECN electives 6
    Total Credits Required 18

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