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    Degree offered: Bachelor of Arts 

    Minor offered: Graphic Design 

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    The design program is ideal for students interested in becoming graphic designers, front-end web designers, art directors, freelance designers, or designers within larger marketing and business structures. Students learn the skills, technologies and techniques to advance in the field as well as the conceptual and research processes that make design competitive and effective in today’s market. Additionally, students have flexibility within the program to customize individualized educational experiences by taking advantage of cross-disciplinary opportunities including minors in other areas.

    Requirements for a B.A. in Graphic Design

    See course descriptions for prerequisites and co-requisites    
    Students must complete the core requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in addition to the major requirements listed below.  
    ART 101 Academic Drawing 3*
    DSN 112 Foundations in Design 3*
    ART 150 History of Western Art I 3*
    ART 151 History of Western Art II 3*
    ART 203 Observational Drawing 3*
    ART 204 Typography 3*
    ART 207 Graphic Design I: Layout 3*
    ART 262 Color Theory & Production 3*
    ART 325 Contemporary Art 3*
    DSN 331  Design II: Branding, Identity and Ad Campaign 3*
    DSN 333 Production for Graphic Design 3*
    DSN 380 Graphic Design III: Design for Interactivity and Web 3*
    ART 480 Graphic Design IV: Design for Social Impact and Responsibility 3*
    DSN 479 CORE: The Role of the Artist/Designer in Contemporary Society 3*
    DSN 480 Design IV: Strategies for Social Impact 3*
    DSN 498 Senior Exhibition 3*
    Suggested Correlatives (not counted in total credits required):  
    ART 279A CORE: Art and the Global Community 3
    PHL 320 Philosophy of Art 3
    Total Credits Required 46
    *used to calculate Major GPA  


    Requirements for a Minor in Graphic Design

    See course descriptions for prerequisites and co-requisites     
    DSN 112 Foundations in Design 3*
    DSN 204 Typography 3*
    DSN 207 Design I: Layout 3*
    DSN 331 Branding, Identity and Ad Campaign 3*
    Plus one additional course from the following list:
    ART 116, ART 262, ART 325, DSN 333, DSN 380
    Total Credits Required 15

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