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    Requirements for a Minor in Nonprofit Management

    For prerequisites and co-requisites please see course descriptions.       
    ACT 260 Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting 3
    BUS 305 Non-Profit Management 3
    BUS 365 Philanthropy and Fundraising 3
    PRS 201 Principles of Public Relations 3
    Select six credits from the following: 6
            ART 279A CORE: Art and Community   
            BUS 279A CORE: Leadership and the Common Good  
            BUS 312 Employee Training and Development        
            BUS 315 Gender and the Workplace  
            BUS 343 Human Resource Management   
            BUS 345 Business and Employment Law   
            BUS 373 Managing the Diverse Workforce  
            BUS 460 Contemporary Issues in Management  
            ENV 279A CORE: Applied Sustainability  
            PJU 279G CORE: Interpersonal Negotiation and Mediation  
            POL 279A CORE: Environmental Values and Policymaking  
            SOC 379A CORE: Poverty and Development   
            SOC 279B CORE: Nonviolent Social Change  
            SOC 379B CORE: Global Ethnic Relations  
            SPM 110 Sport Management  
    Total Credits Required  18