• Pre-Health Professional

    Ohio Dominican University has a long history of preparing students to enter the medical professions. The path that students take at ODU is shaped by their future goals. Each gives students both the intellectual tools and practical skills to pursue lifelong learning required by their chosen profession. The use of contemporary technological tools in the pursuit of truth is a part of this process.

    The following is a list of pre-professional emphases:

    Pre-Medicine: Students wishing to enter medical school with the goal of becoming a physician, osteopath, dentist, optometrist, podiatrist, or veterinarian are advised to major in either biology or chemistry and minor in the other. While there is not a requirement that a student entering any of these medical school program have a science undergraduate degree, majors in these sciences are best prepared for the professional exams required for admission to these programs.

    Pre-Pharmacy: Students planning on a career in pharmacy are best served by majoring in chemistry with a biology minor. This course of study best fulfills the requirements for admission to a pharmacy school and prepares students for the pharmacy school admissions exam.