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    Areas of Study

    The Division of Arts and Letters offers the following academic programs:

    Students who major in Art learn how to use materials, both historic and cutting edge, in a manner that is technically sophisticated and intellectually rich. Students take foundation courses and then choose areas of emphasis from a wide variety of electives.

    Arts Education 
    The Arts Education teacher licensure (Grades PreK-12) provides students with the technical and theoretical knowledge to instruct with confidence and prepare students for the National Proficiency Exam in Art.

    Campus and Youth Ministry 
    Ohio Dominican's program in Campus and Youth Ministry is designed to help the future campus or youth minister respond to the gifts and needs of young people—both adolescents and young adults. Preparation will develop within the student the ability to organize, animate, and coordinate the people, programming, and resources within parish, school, and/or community-based settings.

    Great literature is at the heart of Ohio Dominican University's English program, which encompasses authors ranging from Chaucer to Shakespeare and Faulkner to Whitman. Our distinguished curriculum also includes courses in international, women's, minority and contemporary literature to reflect the changing dynamics of the written word.

    Graphic Design 
    A close-knit design department aims to prepare the next generation of smart, innovative, and conscientious designers to  become leaders in the field. Ohio Dominican Graphic Design students develop critical thinking, balanced with technical skill and abilities, and explore thoroughly the graphic design process and develop problem solving methodologies.

    History majors gain a thorough understanding of pivotal national and world events and are trained to analyze them from multiple perspectives. The emphasis on critical thinking skills in research, reading and writing are applicable to many different career paths, including education, business, journalism, law and government service.

    Integrated Language Arts Education - Grades 7-12 
    This program provides a professional teaching major in the Language Arts. Students complete a comprehensive array of courses in the field of literature and communications as well as topics in pedagogy and effective teaching. Teacher preparation is in accordance with the guidelines of the Ohio Department of Education and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

    Ohio Dominican offers courses in American Sign Language, French, Italian, Latin, and Spanish. Curriculum requirements may be fulfilled on campus or through study abroad. Students who study Spanish may continue with intermediate and advanced course work to earn a minor. The ability to communicate in another language allows one to gain a fuller understanding and appreciation for the cultures that make up our global society.

    Philosophy at ODU prepares students to think critically about important questions in a way that is informed by the great minds of the Western philosophical tradition. Our classes carefully examine texts from thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, and René Descartes, as well as more recent thinkers such as Martin Heidegger, Bertrand Russell, A. J. Ayer, and Pope John Paul II.

    Theology attempts to come to an intellectually honest understanding of one's faith relationship with God. At Ohio Dominican, Theology is viewed from within the context of the Roman Catholic tradition. With both undergraduate and graduate degree options, as well as core seminars, the Theology department offers courses that meet the disciplinary studies requirements for all areas of the ODU curriculum.

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