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    Areas of Study

    Within ODU's Division of Business, our goals are your goals. We help you succeed, to thrive and to see yourself and the world in a different light. We offer seven undergraduate business majors and even more minors, as well as a highly-respected Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate program.

    Working adult students can continue their education through ODU's Adult & Continuing Education program, which is offered at the undergraduate level (Associate of Science in Business, Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) and at the graduate level (MBA and Master of Science in Management.)

    Accounting Traditional Accounting - Adult & Continuing-Ed
    The Accounting program provides students with the opportunity to develop an appropriate mindset and a value-based reasoning system in keeping with the Dominican tradition, necessary for entry-level accounting positions or for entry into graduate studies and lifelong learning.

    Business Administration Traditional MBA Traditional Associate in Business - Adult & Continuing-Ed I Business Administration - Adult & Continuing-Ed MBA - Adult & Continuing-Ed 
    Business majors at ODU prepares students for a broad range of general business careers. It emphasizes the acquisition of foundational business knowledge across discipline areas while encouraging ethical practice and social responsibility. 

    The Economics program prepares students to employ economic analysis in individual, business and public policy decisions. It facilitates awareness of economic issues and associated policy perspectives, and their implications for economic justice, domestically and globally.

    The Finance program offers applied and theoretical courses to enable the graduate to identify and solve problems in the acquisition and allocation of funds by organizations in the public and private sectors. It provides the background necessary for managing wealth in an uncertain environment.

    Insurance and Risk Management
    The Insurance and Risk Management program helps students develop in-depth knowledge of the insurance entities and decision-making processes needed to complete effective assessments and management of personal and organizational risks.

    International Business Administration 
    A major in International Business Administration prepares a student for a career in international business operations. Professional/career opportunities exist in various entities such as multinational corporations, international banks, government agencies, and such international organizations as United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

    Public Relations 
    The Public Relations program prepares students for careers and advanced study in public relations, public affairs, corporate communications, media relations, marketing communications, promotion, special events, social media strategy, web communications, internal communications and related fields.

    Sport Management Bachelors Masters  
    Sport Management is a comprehensive field of study that includes the management, marketing, promotion, communication, legal preparation, and financing of sport and recreation facilities, events, and organizations.


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