• Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Areas of Study

    The Biopsychology major studies the biological basis for human and animal behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Students in this interdisciplinary program take a combination of courses from the Biology and the Psychology disciplines.

    Communication Studies  
    The Communication Studies major focuses on communication processes in interpersonal, group, organizational and mass communication contexts.

    Criminology and Criminal Justice 
    The Criminal Justice major provides comprehensive coverage of the criminal justice system including law enforcement, courts and corrections. Civil rights and civil liberties are discussed from both historical and contemporary perspectives. The impact of public policy and law on criminal justice and society are also examined.

    The Gerontology major examines the aging process by integrating content regarding the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of human functioning. Combined with the liberal arts, this course of study teaches students to identify and then respond to the diverse needs of older persons.

    Integrated Social Studies Education: Grades 7 through 12  
    The Integrated Social Studies Education major prepares students to teach American history, world history, political science, geography and other social studies for Grades 7 through 12.

    Peace and Justice 
    The purpose of the Peace and Justice major is to prepare students for entry-level positions in peace and social justice-related governmental and non-governmental organizations. In addition, the major provides a foundation for students desiring to pursue graduate studies in international relations, conflict resolution, and peace and justice.

    Political Science 
    Political Science majors will learn to differentiate among the various political structures that currently exist; condemn those that harm humans and their rights; assess power struggles and conflicts within governments; and explore relationships among nationals – all with the goal of working toward a more just and humane world.  A Concentration in Environmental Issues and Policies is available within the Political Science program where students have the opportunity to earn a concentration in environmental issues and policies.

    The courses in the Pre-Law Concentration (possible with either a political science or philosophy major) will develop the intellectual skills and interests that are relevant for law school and will provide a liberal arts education of benefit to students throughout their lives.

    The Psychology curriculum focuses on the study of mental processes and human and animal behavior. The curriculum and related research opportunities, along with volunteer and field study experiences, are designed to familiarize students with a wide range of theories, concepts and applications within the discipline.

    Social Work 
    Together with the liberal arts core, the Social Work curriculum is presented from a general, global perspective which prepares students for entry-level professional practice working with individuals, families, groups, agencies and communities.

    The Sociology major focuses on a comprehensive, global understanding of society and social issues.

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