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    Language Acquisition and Development – TSL 520

    Students examine and discuss theories of first and other language acquisition, processes of language and literacy development, and how they apply to TESOL.

    Cultural Diversity and Education – TSL 540

    Students study the nature, role and content of culture as it relates to education. This course includes 20 hours of field experience.

    Instructional Methods in TESOL – TSL 560

    Students learn standards-based methods for planning, implementing and managing ESOl and content instruction. Students discuss topics including classroom organization and strategies for developing and integrating English language skills. Students apply those methods as they complete 100 hours of field experience.

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    Degree Requirements


    Requirements for a Master of Arts in TESOL 


     TSL 500*   TESOL Foundations     


     TSL 510     Descriptive Linguistics     


     TSL 520*   Language Acquisition and Development  


     TSL 530*   The English Language  


     TSL 540*   Cultural Diversity and Education     


     TSL 550     Research Methods in TESOL    


     TSL 560*   Instructional Methods in TESOL  


     TSL 570     Resources for ESOL & Content Instruction 


     TSL 580*   TESOL Learners  


     TSL 590*   TESOL Practicum / Student teaching 


     TSL 600     Research Project  


    EDU 518   Content Area and Writing: Instruction and
                        Technology (for licensure) 


    *Classes required for Endorsement 

    Total Credits required:  33 MA/ 42 for MA w/ licensure 

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