• Courses

    MBA 540 Management of Information Systems

    This course examines the use of information systems and their impact on service business processes. This covers the management of the flow of information and services across the information systems user-producer interface. The course looks at the users of information systems and at the producers of information systems. The course approaches such topics as systems development, assessment of systems performance, and discussion of trends in the corporate application of developing technology from a managerial perspective.

    MBA 550 Global Business and Trade Issues

    This course addresses important issues pertaining to cross-border operations and practices of multinational enterprises as well as trade issues between nation states. Cultural, political, environmental, fair labor practices, regional integration and trade restrictions issues all impinge upon management decisions. The course integrates basic trade theories underpinning multinational business with case studies that illustrate real world applicability of these theories and making them more transparent to the students. It also incorporates the ethical dilemma and the social responsibility concerns faced by multinational corporations in their international operations.

    MBA 560 Ethics and Social Responsibility

    This course includes a systematic overview of normative ethics and a comprehensive discussion of contemporary moral and legal issues in a business context. Ethical problems, presented by case studies, are analyzed and applied to business and public issues. The course is designed to ground students in the fundamental principles of the law that impact the day to day affairs of business and provide a framework for future case analysis and ethical decision-making.

    MBA 570 Quantitative Business Analysis

    This course deals with rational applications to decision making through the study of quantitative models and research methodology. It emphasizes analysis of data, interpretation of model results, and their implications for managerial decisions. Topics include decision analysis, probability relations and distributions, regression models and forecasting, project analysis, queuing, and linear programming.

    MBA 610 Organizational Behavior

     Over the past decade, managers have come to realize the importance that an understanding of human behavior and leadership plays in determining a manager’s effectiveness. This course focuses on the impact that individuals, groups, and structures have on behavior within an organization. Furthermore, it explores the relationship between these factors and individual and organizational performance. Topical areas include individual differences, group dynamics, organizational processes, organizational change, conflict and negotiation, leadership, culture, and ethics.

    MBA 620 Marketing Management

    This course focuses on managing the marketing function. The emphasis is on the nature and scope of the marketing manager’s responsibilities and on marketing decision-making. Topics include market and environmental analysis, marketing planning, and the development and management of marketing programs.

    7MBA 630 Accounting for Managers

    The emphasis of this course is to provide a framework to learners so that they may demonstrate the ability to analyze the financial statements of an organization operating in our society and to understand how financial information can be used in the management planning, control, and decision-making process. This course offers methods for determining the optimal volume and composition of firm assets, liabilities, and equity. This course will also cover theories and practices of capital budgeting and financing of assets.

    MBA 640 Managerial Economics

    This course is a study of the applications of economic theory and principles to decision making in organizations. The course utilizes concepts from economic theory to ascertain the different dimensions of problems faced by managers and to derive alternative solutions to those problems. It focuses on the interactions that lead to price determination in output and input markets, and how they could be employed by managers to form general strategies that will enhance the value of their respective entities.

    MBA 650 Managerial Finance

    This course is a study of traditional and contemporary theories of finance as applied to the solution of management problems identified in selected cases. The focus of the applications activity is on policy formulations and decision making under conditions of uncertainty. The course builds upon concepts from financial management and managerial accounting courses. This course offers methods for determining the optimal volume and composition of firm assets, liabilities, and equity. The theories and practices of capital budgeting and financing of assets are emphasized. 

    MBA 690 MBA Capstone Learning Experience

    This course is a capstone, integrative course for graduating MBA students at Ohio Dominican University. This course provides students an opportunity to develop, implement, reflect upon, and present an integrative learning experience aligned with their professional interests. The Capstone learning project will be a collaborative learning experience and will provide students an opportunity to apply cross-disciplinary learning to a significant project.

    MBA 622 Conflict Management & Negotiation Strategies for Leaders

    Students will study the techniques necessary to break impasse and in an effort to come to resolution in the areas of conflict and negotiation. Skills include how to create an atmosphere that fosters conflict as an impetus for organizational learning and growth. Additionally the course will focus on conflict resolution in the leadership role that emphasizes how to avoid zero-sum alternatives and solutions. Further exploration into negotiation, will enhance the student’s ability to conduct difficult conversations and mediate “win-win” situations. This course moves students to a greater competence level in both the theory and techniques of conflict management and negotiation.

    MBA 624 Advanced Readings and Practices in Leadership

    This course is designed as a seminar in order to allow student the opportunity to explore current trends and thinking in leadership. Shared readings will be selected to reflect advanced practices in leadership and contemporary thought. Students will have the opportunity to conduct significant research and/or applied project.

    MBA 725 Leadership & Change Management

    This course focuses on an exploration of the models, perspectives, competencies, and tools related to providing leadership in changing environments and influencing organizational change.