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  • Educational Leadership Course Descriptions

    EDU 535 - Developing a Deeper Understanding of Leadership  (3 credits)   This course will offer Teachers Leaders in public and private schools the opportunity to examine their own leadership styles and beliefs, while learning more about leadership in general, and school leadership, specifically.  


    EDU 536 - Collaboration: Leading and Facilitating Teacher Development  (3 credits)  This course will aid in the understanding and knowledge of how one can use collaboration and facilitation skills with groups. This includes facilitation skills, consensus building and teambuilding strategies along with problem-solving skills that work in school settings. Prerequisite: EDU 535.  


    EDU 537 - Coaching and Mentoring for Improved Results  (3 credits)  This course will focus on developing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for Teacher Leaders to provide high levels of effective coaching and mentoring focused on improving teaching practices and learning for all students. Prerequisite: EDU 536.  


    EDU 540 - Change: School Leadership for Continuous Improvement  (3 credits)  This course will aid in the understanding and knowledge of how one can lead a school through a continuous improvement process. The student will examine ―turnaround programs, the value of university-district partnerships and visionary restructuring for school improvement. The course will offer a change process, continuous improvement strategies, the need for leadership teams, while also examining processes that can deeply impact the high-need school buildings.  


    EDU 541- School Success: The Value of Community Resources and Partnerships  (3 credits) This course will develop an understanding of educational organizations and how they can connect with the community to impact school resources and student achievement. The course will develop a school leader ability to expand their role as an instructional leader, to include the engagement of community partnerships that move the school‘s agenda forward.  


    EDU 542 - Leading Instructional Learning  (3 credits)  This course will examine curriculum leadership on a macro-scale, as well as examining how best to implement curricular change, work with curriculum teams or grade-level teams, plus leading horizontal and vertical teams for curriculum (mapping) coverages. This class will not look at a specific curriculum, but how to lead departments, grades, and schools in the implementation of a cohesive curriculum. It will also look at how to integrate inclusion and the special education challenges into the curriculum.  


    EDU 543 - Data Management for Improved Instruction  (3 credits)  This course focuses on developing the knowledge, skills, and experience to lead data teams for improved instruction. The emphasis is on developing teams, and leading those teams to use data for both school-wide and individual student improvement. The culminating project is examining school data, leading or being part of a team, and formulating a plan for improvement—within a safe ―practice field and within the guidelines of a school district.  


    EDU 544 -Inclusion, Intervention Teams, and Special Education Law  (3 credits)  This course focuses on developing the knowledge, skills, and experience to lead schools with inclusion and to move to inclusion, RTI, co-teaching, and ESL issues and concerns. Special Education Law will also be a part of this course as well as the proper implementation of Intervention Teams.  


    EDU 545 - School Law and Personnel Services  (3 credits)  This course focuses on the pertinent school laws that many of our regulations are based on, plus the new decisions that are influencing the schools today. Current topics included in this course will include: state laws affecting the administrator, student rights, teacher rights, teacher dismissal, collective bargaining, tort liability, special education, and student records. Personnel Services is included here because of the entanglement of laws and contract language, which will be explored in depth.  


    EDU 570 - School Business, Finance, and Allocation of Resources  (3 credits) This course focuses on school finance in Ohio, offering a working knowledge at the district level. The course will also include the knowledge needed for budget, purchasing, and allocation of resources for principals to run buildings and departments. The combination of this course and the BASA School Finance I and II will offer a treasurer/business manager a complete view of school finance.  


    EDU 599A- Instructional Leadership Practicum I  (1 credit)  Semester I-A will seek work with a building principal or building director. Prerequisite: Completion of 60% of the program.  


    EDU 599B - Instructional Leadership Practicum II  (1 credit)  Semester I-B will be with the principal or with a Special Education Director or IAT leader. Prerequisite: EDU 599A.  


    EDU 599C - Instructional Leadership Practicum III  (1 credit)  Semester II-A will seek a field position with a department/office at the district level. Prerequisite: EDU 599B.  


    EDU 599D - Instructional Leadership Practicum IV  (1 credit) Semester II-B will be working with a curriculum or data project in the district or building. Prerequisite: EDU 599C