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    All final exams will be held in the class section's regularly scheduled classroom. 

    Weekend Classes

    Final Exams for all weekend-scheduled classes (Friday night and Saturday) will be held the last regularly scheduled class meeting.

    Summer Term Classes

    Final exams for all May term and Summer term classes will be held the last regularly scheduled class meeting.

    Weekday and Evening Classes

    Final Exams will be held during final exam week for the fall and spring semesters according to the schedule below.  See the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

    How to Read this Schedule 

    Find your class meeting time (start time and days of the week) in the body of the table. Courses with lecture times and laboratory times--please use the lecture start time and days to determine your exam time. Find the final exam time in the first column and the day of the exam across the top.


    Class Time Exam Time
    9:00a MWF Wednesday - 8:00a to 9:50a
    12:30p TTH        Thursday - 10:00a to 11:50a
    6:00p M Monday - 6:00p to 7:50p

    TIME (down)
    DAY (across)
    6:00 - 7:50a 6:00a M 6:00a T 6:00a W 6:00a TH  
    8:00 - 9:50a 8:00a MWF
    8:00a MW
    8:00a M
    8:00a TTH 9:00a MWF
    9:00a MW
    9:00a M 
    9:30a TTH 8:00a W
    10:00 - 11:50a 10:00a MWF
    10:00a MW
    10:00a M
    11:00a TTH 11:00a MWF
    11:00a MW
    11:00a M 
    12:30p TTH 9:00a W
    12:00 - 1:50p 12:00p MWF
    12:00p MW
    12:00p M
    12:00p W 1:00a MWF
    1:00a MW
    1:00a M 
    1:00p W 1:00p F
    2:00 - 3:50p 2:00p MW
    2:00p M
    2:00p TTH
    2:00p T 
    2:00p W  2:00p TH  11:00a W
    4:00 - 5:50p 4:30p MW
    4:30p M
    4:30p TTH
    4:30p T 
    4:30p W 4:30p TH   
    6:00 - 7:50p 6:00p MW
    6:00p M
    6:00p TTH
    6:00p T 
    6:00p MTW
    6:00p W 
    6:00p TH   








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