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    As adopted by the Faculty

    1. Socratic self-examination
            The Ohio Dominican University graduate

    • thinks critically about values, beliefs and actions
    • applies reflection to argument and discourse
    • recognizes the limits of personal perspective and accepts the contributions of multiple

    2. Critical communication
            The Ohio Dominican University graduate

    • communicates clearly and effectively in various oral, written, and visual modes

    3. Social responsibility and leadership
            The Ohio Dominican University graduate

    • accepts complexity in identity and culture
    • models justice and compassion through active participation in society as a global citizen

    4. Narrative and aesthetic imagination
            The Ohio Dominican University graduate

    • engages the creative expressions of the human condition over time both critically and

    5. Quantitative and scientific reasoning
            The Ohio Dominican University graduate

    • understands and employs both quantitative and qualitative analyses to describe and solve problems
    • applies the process of scientific inquiry

    6. Moral and ethical frameworks
            The Ohio Dominican University graduate

    • analyzes issues using moral and ethical reasoning
    • discerns consequences of decisions and actions

    7. The Catholic and Dominican Tradition
            The Ohio Dominican University graduate

    • seeks truth in all endeavors
    • seeks opportunities for service to communities
    • articulates the relationship of faith to reason in the Dominican tradition


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