• Who Can Apply for Study Abroad?

    ODU Students

    All programs require:

    Good academic standing, at the time of application and maintained through departure.
    Sophomore standing or higher for most programs by the time of departure.
    Pre-approval of credit from major/minor academic departments.
    Endorsement by the International Office, and completion of all campus-specific requirements.
    Completion of any language pre-requisites if applicable to the program.
    A completed Study abroad application and supporting documents.

    ODU Transfer Students

    Transfer students must complete one full year at Ohio Dominican before departing for a study abroad program.

    ODU International Students

    ODU encourages our international students to gain even more international experience by studying abroad. Students currently on F-1 student visas need to speak with the director of the International Office about study abroad opportunities.

    Non-ODU Students

    ODU welcomes students from other institutions to apply for any of our study abroad programs. Students must be in good academic standing and must provide an official transcript.

    Students with Disabilities

    The International Office makes every effort to assure that undergraduates with disabilities can participate successfully in a study abroad program. Please note that ODU cannot guarantee that facilities and/or support services will be available at each location abroad in the same range and quality as on the ODU campus. However, the Director of the International Office will assume a proactive position in seeking the best possible accommodation for disabled students.

    Please give the International Office Director plenty of notice to research the availability of resources overseas. Students should make their restrictions and needs known to the Director of the International Office as early as possible during the application process. Include a separate statement with your application indicating all needs in detail. Failure to give adequate advance notice of special requirements may affect the International Office’s ability to give timely consideration to a student’s needs, and cause unnecessary problems for the students.

    Our office should be informed of all special needs, from extra time for taking exams to wheelchair access abroad. While it is our policy to make reasonable accommodations where possible, it is the student’s responsibility to assure that any funding required for special services abroad is arranged well in advance. Students should also consult both with the Student Development and the Financial Aid Office to secure the necessary funding.