• Honors Course Descriptions

    HON 179R Reflections on the Self: What does it Mean to be Human - Stroke of Genius (4 credits) Genius is a profoundly human phenomenon, offering insights into our greatest achievements from the past as well as our potential for the future. In this section, honors students will explore what constitutes the idea of genius and its implications for a variety of disciplines, including art, literature, music, and philosophy. An emphasis on interdisciplinary critical thinking will guide us as we search for the pinnacles of human aspiration. Pre-requisite(s): Admission to Honors Program.

    HON 210 Introduction to Critical Thinking (4 credits) This course is an interdisciplinary introduction to intentional critical thinking through a text-based study. It will introduce students to the practice of reflective thinking, exploring, and learning and will encourage this development through readings, discussions, and assignments. Pre-requisite(s): Admission to Honors Program.

    HON 279B Reflections on the Common Good: What does it mean belong to a community? - Critical Writing and Research (4 credits)
    Research allows us to better understand the world around us (theoretical research) and to solve problems (applied research). In order to have these effects, research must be shared with the rest of the community – both within and beyond the discipline. Students will actively engage in critical thinking exercises intended to improve their abilities to develop testable hypotheses, meaningful criti ques, and defendable arguments. This will be coupled with a focus on research skills that will result in the successful completion of an in-depth original project in a discipline of the student’s choice. Students will learn how to share their feelings with the community through written, oral, and visual presentations. Students will also be asked to combine their interests in unique ways in order to appreciate the power of interdisciplinary approaches to research and how different research communities must learn to work together. Pre-requisite(s): Admission to the Honors Program and ENG 102.

    HON 311 Honors Seminar: Issues in the Disciplines (4 credits) A topics and readings course using critical thinking to focus on an issue of current significance within one of the discipline areas. Topic and reading will vary depending on the expertise of the instructor. Faculty will be invited to submit innovative and creative course proposals for review by the Honors Committee. Seminar may be repeated under a different topic. Students may satisfy the requirements for HON 311 with an approved study abroad experience(minimum four credits). Pre-requisite(s): Admission to the Honors Program and HON 210 or HON 279b.

    HON 410 Senior Honors Project (4 credits) A student-designed independent study for senior honors students. Under the direction of a faculty mentor and in consultation with the Honors Director(s), the project may be in a student's major, minor, or in another area of interest. A creative presentation of findings to the University community is expected at the conclusion of the project. Pre-requisite(s): Admission to the Honors Program and senior status.


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