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    Women in Art - ART 270

    Learn about the vital role women have played as artists in Western society from the beginning of recorded history. Analyze the artist and her work as a distinct product of her specific time and as an exploration of the wide-ranging media she used, including clay, plant matter, embroidery, ceramics, oil paint and digital media.

    Art and Community - ART 279A

    Consider the concept of art as an agent for social change. To support this theory, we’ll review case studies of community/communal art movements through history from around the globe, across the United States and within our local community.

    Green Art - ART 312

    Let us introduce you to the concept of green art, or art that uses the philosophy of sustainability/environmental responsibility, as a matrix for production. Learn about international green artists and create your own green projects, using recycled materials or media that are environmentally friendly and/or made from the environment.

    Senior Exhibition - ART 498

    As a senior, you will select, research, produce and exhibit an individual project related to the goals of your specific major and individual interests. You’ll also work as a group to curate and prepare all aspects of the exhibition, from public relations to your artist’s opening.

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