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    Principles of Marketing – BUS 220

    Students are introduced to the process of creating and fulfilling consumer and organizational needs through strategies involving the creation, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services in a market economy.

    Business Ethics – BUS 348G

    Students will study ethical theory and principles, and apply them to contemporary problems in business.

    Human Resource Management – BUS 343

    Students are provided a basic understanding of the complex role of the human resource management function. Specifically, students will study demographic, professional and workforce trends that shape human resource management in contemporary business.

    Business and Employment Law – BUS 345

    Students are introduced to the American legal system, dispute reconciliation, and functions of the law emphasizing employment law issues, such as employee rights, equal opportunity employment, compensation matters, and emerging legal issues in personnel administration.

    Seminar in Organizational Strategy – BUS 498

    Students focus on how firms formulate, implement and evaluate strategies. Students complete a strategic business analysis of an existing organization or develop a strategic business plan for an entrepreneurial business venture.

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