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    Intermediate Macro Economics – ECN 322

    This course studies the concepts of economic aggregates and modern employment theory; the determinants and statistical measurement of national income, consumption, investment, saving and economic growth; the impact of fiscal policy and governmental actions.

    Intermediate Micro Economics – ECN 325

    Students are provided the tools for cost-benefit analysis vital to decision making in organizations.

    International Economics – ECN 340

    Students analyze the principles and practices of foreign trade, mechanisms of international finance and balance of payments, survey of commercial treaties, world trade institutions and the forces of globalization.

    Development of Economic Theories – ECN 420

    This course studies the development of economic theories from the beginning of the classical tradition through Marxian and Socialism of the twentieth century. Specifically, students will study modern developments during this time period.

    Economic Analysis – ECN 479 CORE

    Students will reflect on poverty, its dynamics and remedies, and the just demands of the poor.

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