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    World Powers in the Twentieth Century – HST 330

    Students examine the interactions of the major world powers in the twentieth century, from World War I to challenges posed currently by the concept of a “global” community and economy.

    Medieval Europe (HST 350) and Modern Europe (HST 352)

    In HST 350, students study Europe from 500 – 1500 and trace the development of medieval civilization through its apex and decline. In HST 352, students examine Europe from 1890 to the present and trace the transformation of Europe from the center to the periphery of world power.

    Europe in the Age of Revolutions - HST 317

    Students study the major revolutionary movements in early modern Europe that occurred from 1500 to 1890, such as religious wars, movements of scientific inquiry, the enlightenment, ideological and political revolutions, industrialism and imperialism.

    History of Western Monasticism – HST 279A CORE

    Students study the history of monastic communities from their earliest development to the end of the Middle Ages.

    History of Christianity in the United States – HST/THL342

    This course provides a historical overview of the religious life, institutions and thoughts of Americans from colonial times to the present, with a special emphasis on the Catholic Church in the United States.

    The United States Presidency – HST/POL 365

    Students learn about what is widely thought as the most powerful political office in the world and the men who have occupied it.

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