• Integrated Language Arts Education

    Sample Four-Year Academic Plan

    The sample course plan below is a sample for your major; it does not and should not replace meeting with your Academic Advisor to map out the best course plan that suits your individual academic needs and placement upon initial registration.  Classes listed may not necessarily be offered during a particular term.  Full descriptions and requirements for all ODU majors, programs and courses are available in the ODU Catalog.


    FIRST YEAR (Freshman) 

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    ENG 110 College Writing I 3   ENG 111 College Writing II 3
    Math Requirement
    (MTH 121 or higher)
    3   COM 105 Public Speaking
    COM  132 Interpersonal Comm.
    Foreign Language I or II 3   Foreign Language II 3
    Freshmen Core Seminar (179) 3   Philosophy or Theology Req. 3
    Natural Science Requirement
    ENG 215A Survey of British Lit. I
    3   Art, Music, Theatre Requirement
    ENG 215B Survey of British Lit. II

    SECOND YEAR (Sophomore)

    Fall Semester      Spring Semester   
    ENG 215A  Survey of British Lit. I
    Natural Science
    3   ENG 215B Survey of British Lit. II
    Art, Music, Theatre Requirement
    EDU 112 Intro. to Teaching:
    Adolescence to Young Adult
    3   EDU 120 Teaching Reading
    through Literature for
    Children and Young Adults 
    Sophomore Core Seminar (279) 3   Philosophy or Theology Req.  3
    ENG 216 Studies in American Lit. 3   ENG 322 Creative Writing
    ENG 220 Professional Writing
    ENG 326 Advanced Critical Writing
    ENG 205 Literary Research Methods 3   EDU 220 Educational Psychology 3

    THIRD YEAR (Junior)

    Fall Semester      Spring Semester   
    ENG 342  African Literature
    ENG 343 Lit of American Diversity
    ENG 451 Studies in Women's Lit.
    3   ENG 357 World Literature 3
    ENG 450 Studies in the Novel
    ENG 452 Studies in the Short Story
    3   Social/Behavioral Science Req. 3
    Junior Core Seminar (EDU 397A)
    Principles of Education
    3   ENG 455 Studies in Poetry
    ENG 456 Studies in Drama
    Philosophy or Theology Req. 3   ENG 460 Chaucer
    ENG 463 Shakespeare
    ENG 348G Film and Literature 3   History Requirement 3

    FOURTH YEAR (Senior)

    Fall Semester      Spring Semester   
    Senior Core Seminar (479) 3   ENG 487  Student Teaching  12
    EDU 346 AYA Methods 3   ENG 488 Teaching Seminar 1
    EDU 314 Content Area Reading 3   * Apply for admission to
    Education Program
    EDU 355 AYA Lang. Arts Methods 3      
    Elective 3      


    For more information contact your Admission Counselor or Academic Advisor at (614) 251-4500 or admissions@ohiodominican.edu.