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    Interpersonal Negotiation & Mediation –
    PJU 279G/CRJ 279G CORE

    Develop the skills you’ll need for resolving interpersonal conflicts and reconciling relationships post trauma. Through simulation and role play, students will develop skills such as active listening, problem-solving and bargaining in family, work and community conflicts.

    Catholic Social Teaching on Peace & Justice –

    Get field experience – under supervision – in a local human service agency. Students will have the opportunity for practical application of their academic work.

    Global Ethnic Relations – SWK/SOC 379B CORE

    Examine ethnic relations in the United States and around the world through the lens of history. The course concludes with the ethical basis for seeking social justice via anti-discrimination work, and strategies for dismantling discrimination and repairing strained ethnic divides at the individual, institutional and societal levels.

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