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    Contemporary Issues in Reputation Management:
    Public Relations Principles – PRS 201

    Students learn the principles in the field of public relations in corporate, nonprofit and agency applications.

    Integrated Marketing Communication – PRS/BUS 270

    This is an overview of promotion as one key component of a marketing strategy. Students review different promotional elements, including public relations, personal selling, advertising and sales promotion.

    Power-packed Writing for PR and Marketing Communications – PRS 329

    Students study all types of public relations writing, including news releases, brochures, speeches, newsletters, annual reports, case studies, advertising copy, memos and crisis communication.

    Internet Strategies: Social Media, e-Commerce and More – PRS 340

    This is an in-depth look at the principles, practices and strategies used when incorporating the Internet into a public relations or marketing communications plan.

    Case Studies and Campaign Strategies – PRS 421

    Students examine historic cases in public relations and marketing communications while also working in teams to create a public relations or marketing communications campaign for a real or hypothetical client.

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