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    Women in Art – ART 270

    Learn about the vital role women have played as artists in Western society from the beginning of recorded history. Analyze the artist and her work as a distinct product of her specific time, and as an exploration of the wide-ranging media she used from clay and plant matter to embroidery, ceramics, oil paint and digital media.

    Introduction to Christian Theology – THL 225

    This course introduces students to the academic discipline of Theology. In addition to providing an overview of Christian teachings from a Roman Catholic perspective, it engages students in the processes of theological reflection, discourse and research.

    Jesus: Revelation of God – THL 234

    A study of the person of Christ as presented in Scripture and in theological writings of the past and present. Special attention is given to the theology of salvation.

    The Gospels – THL 303

    A study of the sources and formation of the Gospel tradition: form criticism, distinctive literary structures and theologies of the four Gospels.

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