Ohio Dominican University's BS in Business Administration provides a solid foundation covering all the functional areas of business such as accounting, management, marketing, and finance.

    This program provides all the standard prerequisites for continuation into the MBA program, while simultaneously providing students with a curriculum to prepare them for entry and promotion into a rapidly changing business and professional environment.

    With an emphasis on management, the program focuses on teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, and the values and ethical leadership skills essential in today's diverse society and expanding workplace, both locally and globally.

    The program builds your communication and interpersonal skills, understanding organizational and individual behavior, and leadership strategies for management and service .

    **Students may choose to double major with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting. 

    Choose one of the following academic paths:

    1.  Emphasis in Management: This will allow students to further tailor their curriculum to meet their individual career interest and needs. Courses include Conflict Resolution and Negotiation for Managers, Fundamentals of Leadership, and Advanced Readings and Topics in Management 
    2. Minor in Entrepreneurship: Provides students with the tools and insights necessary to launch a new venture, whether it be for-profit or not-for-profit. The required course sequence in the minor covers everything from start-up considerations and business planning to capital sourcing and legal considerations to integrating family members into the business. With the rapidly changing nature of our economy, employers are increasingly interested in hiring employees with an entrepreneurial or innovative mindset.  

    Course Descriptions & Sequence 

    Admission Requirements 


    Start dates depend on quantity and type of transfer credits you have. 

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